10 Types of Packaging Every Business Should Know About  

It’s impossible to say enough about how important good packaging is. It makes sure that your things don’t get broken or lost on the way to their destination. With so many options, it might be hard to choose the best packing materials for your business. This article lists the ten most common packing supplies and explains what each one is used for.

1. Corrugated boxes

These are the most common packing materials, and you can use them to store things as well as move them. To make the box, several pieces of cardboard are flattened and stuck together.

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2. Bubble wrap

This packaging material was made to protect fragile items while they are being stored and shipped. It is made of small air bubbles, which makes it easy to put back together after being compressed.

3. Foam packaging peanuts

Like bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts are used to protect fragile items while they are being shipped. But instead of being bubbles, they look like small bits of foam.

4. Plastic bags

These alternatives to traditional packaging are safe ways to store and package small items or food. They come in different widths and densities, and some can even be broken down by nature.

5. Stretch wrap

This packing material is used to protect boxes or goods while they are being moved, stored, or shipped. It’s made of stretchy plastic, so it’s easy to wrap and stick together with a handle or an adhesive strip.

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6. Tape

Tape is an important part of any packaging kit because it can be used to seal boxes, secure wrappings, label items, and more. There are many kinds of tape, such as packaging tape, clear tape, duct tape, and tape with extra strength.

7. Labels

All of the above packaging materials can be used to tell the sender and/or recipient who the package is from and what’s inside. They come in different sizes and can be typed or written by hand.

8. Envelopes

Envelopes are a common type of packaging that people use to send letters and other small items through the mail. They are available in a range of sizes and can be customised with labels or postage stamps.

9. Shipping boxes

Both mail and freight services might be able to use these packing materials. They come in different sizes, and some have extra padding to protect the things inside while being carried.

10. Wood crates

Products that are big, fragile, or heavy often need special packaging materials to be shipped and stored safely. Most of the time, they are made of wood and reinforced with metal bands. They can be made to fit the size of the item being delivered.

Knowing about these common packing items can help your company pack and protect its goods so they can be stored and shipped safely. Contact ITP Packaging right away to find out more about materials for packaging. They would be happy to help you, and if you have any questions or concerns about the packaging your business uses, you can even buy directly from them.

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