8 Best Video Editing Tools For MAC

Video editing is not a task for the faint-hearted. But that shouldn’t deter you from at least trying. You don’t have to be white-collar to make Hollywood-quality videos. Just a boatload of creativity, patience, and the right video editing tool up your sleeves, and you’ll be creating magic in no time. And a Mac product, of course. Oops! You also need to try this tool to use a video maker for your editing.

Pettiness aside, let’s dive right in. Finding a video editor tailored to meet your video editing needs is crucial to creating a masterpiece. And with the myriad of video makers in the market, you might have a hard time finding your editor Right. So, we took the liberty of analysing some of the best video editing tools for MAC products.


Are you looking for a well-rounded video editor that not only proffers a myriad of editing features but is also unreservedly accessible? Then look no further. iMovie is the answer to your prayers. If you are a hobbyist or a noob in the video editing world and want to build your skills, this is a great place. With iMovie, you can easily drag-drop transitions, add 3D motion graphics, generate titles, and use the built-in music sound effects on the go. It even supports special effects like slow motion, fast-forward visual effects, green-screen compositing, and picture-in-picture videos.

And at ultra 4K, baby! It can’t get any better than at. Well, unless 8K video quality becomes prevalent. The app further allows for direct exportation of videos to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo; therefore, go forth and make Hollywood-style videos using this video maker.

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Promo Video Maker

Why not jump on the cloud bandwagon when it comes to video editing? Promo is a free browser-based video editor; thus, you won’t have to worry about spending an entire day downloading the app, especially for those with low bandwidth. Plus, you get to avoid the fisticuff and clutter that comes with using offline video makers.

The online video maker comes jam-packed with over 50,000 customizable video templates, a music library, transitions, filters, and iStock media. You can easily combine these state-of-the-art video editing features to make captivating ads, promo videos, intro videos, memes, and even slideshows. And in stunning 4k

Did I mention you get to make videos that are watermark free? Unlike most video maker tools that insist on peeing on trees to make their territories known, Promo does not. Yes, even when using the free version. And a cherry on top, you get to enjoy perks like 1GB free of cloud storage which is a no-brainer, especially if your MAC has limited storage.


A diamond in the rough. While it is not the most accessible software to manoeuvre around, especially if you are just dipping your toes into the editing world, it churns out masterpieces. Blender is a 3D modelling and video compositing app that boasts a plethora of video editing features like adjustment layers, mixing, and syncing audio. You can also use the video maker to cut and splice your videos to remain with only the relevant jaw-dropping bits.

If you can invest your time into learning and mastering the workings of this video maker, then be sure you’ll be making top-tier videos after a while.


This is a video maker with both free and paid for editing features. While the free one won’t offer much in terms of high-quality editing features, it is still a force to contend with. You can easily edit multiple files, add titles, tweak the visuals, manage audio, and seamlessly import a wide array of file formats. And it is not only compatible with Mac. Therefore, Windows and Linux can still continue with your projects in case you decide to switch operating systems.

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Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing tool with a congenial design; therefore can still be used by hobbyists, amateur videographers, and professional video editors alike. It comes embedded with varying features. Such include a magnetic timeline, Colour coding, 2D and 3D titles, and a built-in chroma key that slows for top-notch green-and blue-screen effects.

You can also use object tracking and professional colour grading tools. These will make high-quality videos that are a punch above your own weight. And while the Final Cut Pro is a far cry for the fiscally sapient editors, the quality features it brings to the table are worth every dime. Therefore, step out in style with the revolutionary Final Cut Pro. It is optimised for Mac and iOS to create and deliver quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

I don’t know why but Adobe software screams all-powerful. And they are. Adobe Premiere Pro. And you don’t have to empty your pockets buying the software. Especially if you won’t be rolling out videos every other day. You only pay for a subscription for as long as you’ll be using the video maker. If you also decide to switch to another operating system like Windows, the video maker will still work efficiently. It is compatible with many operating systems.

The redoubtable Adobe Premiere Pro CC supports auto reframing, speech-to-text, Auto-Match powered by Adobe Sensei AI, 360 VR, Lumetri Colour tool, and professional templates. You can even customise your own animated titles and graphics to give it a personalised feel. It is further readily connected with ancillary apps like Photoshop and Illustrator for easy integration of different workflows customised to your own liking. And if that’s not enough, you get to work on all sorts of all videos seamlessly. Even the daunting 8K videos.

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This is a free, open-source video editor compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Thanks to FFmpeg, it supports a wide array of audio, video formats, 4K video, and codecs. With the video maker, you can also enjoy features like video compositing, native timeline editing, 360° Video Filters, multi-format timelines, and FreiOr video generator plugins. And while it has a dizzying learning curve, there are a ton of tutorials online. This will ensure your video editing venture is less bumpy than Mohombi’s.

Davinci Resolve 17

While the studio version will leave your pockets in tears, the basic version is complete with the same image processing capabilities. So don’t break the piggy bank yet. Davinci Resolve 17 pro offers HDR grading tools, an AI-based magic mask, and zoomed waveforms for audio trimming. In addition, the app supports fusion composition and a metadata slate view with bin dividers. It also has smart reframing, redesigned primary controls, and churns out masterpieces in 4K.

If you are looking to grow as a video editor and enjoy the perks that come with using Fairlight’s top-notch features, then Davinci Resolve 17 is what you need.

Final Verdict

With the above editing tools in your arsenal, you can well be on your way to being a multi-award-winning video maker in no time. You got this.

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