Airport VIP arrival services in Italy

Italy features in the bucket lists of a lot of people. It offers you spectacular cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery – all packed in one. It also offers delicious meals, heady wines to drink underneath the olive trees, pastel villas built into sheer cliffs above the crystal blue Tyrrhenian Sea, where colorful homes cascade down to romantic beaches and secret coves. It is everyone’s dream to travel to Italy, and for good reason!


A professional meet and greet, luggage assistance, expedited security check, immigration, and comfortable premium lounge await you when you book our airport VIP arrival service. Our assistants will meet you airside, the porters will take care of your bags and we’ll help you fast-track all the arrival formalities, while you’re cooling off at a VIP lounge. To cap it all, we also provide extra services for the passengers who’d like us to help them arrange executive car transfers and chauffeur services for smooth navigation anywhere within the city. Our VIP Fast Track Arrival Service is perfect for VIPs, business people, elderlies, families, or simply travelers who are looking for a relaxed arrival experience.

What includes in our Airport VIP arrival service?

  1. VIP Meet and Greet service at the gate of arrival;
  2. Golf cart transit to the passport control line;
  3. Translator service if needed;
  4. Expedited escort through the immigration point;
  5. Assistance with luggage claim including porter service;
  6. Expedited escort through customs including declaration assistance;
  7. Smooth transition to airport exit;
  8. Transfer service if requested. Or we can coordinate arrival time with your driver.
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Where does one begin with Italy? 

A good place to start is the capital city of Rome. Actually, even earlier. In the comfort of your own home. At your laptop. Book your flights, prebook VIP Meet & Greet Arrival experience and we will go from there!

See you on the other side, where they serve Aperol for breakfast and Dolce Vita for every other course. 

Universal Sky Services is honored to assist you in: Milan, Rome, Naples, Venice, Bergamo, Palermo, Cagliari, Catania, Turin.

How to book Airport VIP arrival services?

Contact us, ask questions, request a quote, and get the answers you need. Our team is ready to assist you from start to finish.

Contact Universal Sky Services for a quick and stress-free airport journey:

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WhatsApp and Viber: +1 305 394 1559 

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