Ballistic helmet: the most vital protection in times of combat


When things get tough, a decent ballistic helmet can be a matter of life and death. It’s good to know what to expect from such equipment and how to choose the protection most suitable for particular circumstances. Are you ready to get some knowledge?

Tactical helmet – make sure it was tested

There are some factors to watch out for while buying the helmet of your dreams. The first and most important thing is the matter of ballistic tests. There are some military helmet offers out there in the market that might be illegal to sell because they don’t meet principal standards of safety regulations. By all means, avoid products that have not been properly tested. That is extremely crucial because the most common tests consist of handgun rounds. These are 1,200 feet per second killer shots. If a helmet doesn’t stop them, it is not eligible for combat. Period. 

Proper testing is a must-be for every kind of protection against head assaults and shrapnel as well. Please remember that shrapnel is often responsible for many bloody injuries, so it is a relatively good idea to protect your head from it.

Shape and capabilities

If you have separated a properly tested ballistic helmet from the death junk, it’s time to take a look at some properties different products can offer. Obviously, you want to get a helmet that fits individual head shapes. It is not a good thing when your ballistic head protection moves all around while you’re in combat, isn’t it?  No matter if you are to join special forces or a neighborhood security team – the helmet must fit, as if it was meant just for you. The adjustable padding system is designed to do just that. Make sure your helmet has one. 

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In addition, you should consider a variety of accessories that can be used with your headgear. Think about MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet). It is very compatible with different accessories and still remains one of the lightest helmets available. It is extremely protective, too. That’s because it is made of advanced kinds of Kevlar materials.

Ballistic helmets with night vision

Night vision might sound as something fancy for the best of the best military personnel we often see in the movies. In fact, this sort of “gadgets” can be incredibly useful even to an ordinary security guy. Nonetheless, night vision goggles are the best accessory to pair up with a helmet. A well-designed mounting system is therefore required. You can’t use night goggles without it. And yeah, since you are thinking about advanced night vision stuff, don’t forget about a skeletac plate carrier. It is always a good idea to protect your skull as well, as anything below it.

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