Bank of Baroda FD rates Updated List 2012

Bank of baroda FD rates


Do you also have an account with Bank of Baroda? And you are thinking of saving in a fixed deposit? If yes, you are in the right place.  In this article, we have shared all the details of Bank of Baroda FD rates, so that you will understand the fixed deposit rates better.

Investing in FD is always a better option then RD. Fixed deposit offers a higher rate of interest compare to saving account and Recurring Deposit.

For State Bank of India – SBI fixed deposit interest rates Updated

Bank of Baroda FD rates For Domestic & NRO Term Deposits 

TenureBelow Rs 2 Cr. (w.e.f. 26.11.19)Rs 2 Cr. to upto Rs 10 Cr. (w.e.f. 06.11.19)
7 days to 14 days4.504.50
15 days to 45 days4.504.50
46 days to 90 days4.754.75
91 days to 180 days5.505.15
181 days to 270 days5.905.50
271 days & above and less than 1 year5.905.80
1 year6.255.80
Above 400 days and upto 2 Years6.255.80
Above 1 year to 400 days6.305.80


Bank of Baroda interest Rates for Domestic Term Deposits & NRO Deposits of Above Rs 10 Crores to up to Rs 50 Crores

Maturity rangeAbove Rs 10 cr. to upto Rs 25 cr.Above Rs 25 cr. to upto Rs 50 cr.Above Rs 50 cr. to upto Rs 100cr.
7 Days - 14 days4.504.504.50
15 Days - 45 Days4.504.504.50
46 days - 90 Days4.754.754.75
91 Days - 180 Days5.155.155.15
181 days to 270 Days5.505.505.50
271 Days and Above 5.505.505.50
1 year5.805.805.80
Above 1 year Upto 2 year5.805.805.80


Baroda Tax Savings Term Deposit (w.e.f. 26.11.19)

TenorsDeposit per Annum ( Less than 2 Crore )
For 5 years6.25
Above 5 years to up to 10 years6.25

Note – In Bank of Baroda Tax saving term deposit the Pre-Mature withdrawal is not allowed before completion of 5 years except in case of death of a customer.


Bank of Baroda Advantage fixed Deposit Domestic Account (Non-Callable) Minimum 15 lakh – up to 2 Crore

TenorsBelow Rs 2 Cr. (w.e.f. 26.11.19)
1 year6.30
Above 1 Years to 400 days6.35
Above 400 days and upto 2 Years6.30
Above 2 Years and upto 3 Years6.30
Above 3 Years and upto 5 Years6.30
Above 5 Years and upto 10 Years6.30
444 days (Only for Baroda Samriddhi Deposit Scheme)Discontinued


The Bank of Baroda FD rates is subject to change as per RBI Rules. The interest rates mentioned in the table are applicable form 26.11.19

Bank of Baroda Advantage Fixed Deposit for NRIs NRE / NRO (Non-Callable) 

Maturity rangeFor NRE/NRO Deposit Rs. 15.01 lacs to below Rs.2/- Crores
1 year6.30
Above 1 year and upto 400 days6.35
Above 400 days and upto 2 years 6.30
Above 2 years and upto 3 years6.30
Above 3 years and upto 5 years6.30
Above 5 years and upto 10 years 6.30


Advantage of Fixed Deposit 

1. Higher Interest rate 

Compare to a saving account or Recurring Deposit, the rate of interest is higher in Fixed Deposit. Banks Provide up to 6.50% return on Fixed Deposit. Taking Example of BOB, The Bank of Baroda FD interest rates are 6.70% for FD of below 1 crore deposit.

2. Encourages Saving

Saving is really important to secure our future and FD helps us to develop a saving habit. The amount we deposit in FD are cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date.

3. Work As Emergency Fund 

Banks offer Loan against the Fixed. If you need funds in an emergency situation, you can also take up to 90% of your funds. So FD can be very helpful in any emergency situation.

About the Bank of Baroda 

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat the Bank of Baroda is the third-largest public sector bank in India. The Banks offers various services like Saving account, current account, Fixed Deposit, Recurring deposit, Internet banking, Mobile Banking and Many More. Do you know you can check your BOB account balance through your phone? Check out this article All bank balance enquiry & Missed Call Numbers List (toll-free)

I hope we have cleared all your doubts related bank of Baroda FD rates. If you have any kind of queries related bank of Baroda FD rates then feel free you ask us in comments and we will try our best to solve your queries.



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