Bank of Baroda RTGS Form PDF

bank of baroda RTGS Form

Bank of Baroda RTGS Form- Bank of Baroda is an Indian Multinational Public Sector Bank. It is the third-largest bank of India with over 131 Million Customers. The Bank has a total valuation of US$218 billion with a Global Presence of 100 Overseas office. 

BOB offers various Banking and Financial Services to Its Customers and RTGS is one of them. Account Holders can Fill the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form and Transfer Fund above 2 Lakh Rupees to any other Bank account. 

You can download the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form PDF Here at Banking Support and Submit it To Your Branch for Further Process. The RTGS Form is Available in Both PDF and Printable Format. 

What is RTGS? 

RTGS is Realtime Gross Settlement, all the Transactions in RTGS are Settled in Real-time Individually on a transaction by transaction basis. RTGS is the Most Secure & fast way to Fund Transfer from one account to another. 

The Beneficiary account is expected to receive the Fund in Real-time. But if there is a Delay in Transfer, the Customer is Eligible to Receive compensation at repo rate plus 2%.

Bank of Baroda RTGS Service Details 

The RTGS is Primarily Meant for Large amount transaction. The minimum about customers can transfer through RTGS Service is 200000 INR. 

In RTGS the Transactions are Processed Continuously, there is No Delay in Payment. All the Transactions are Made electronically From Account A to Account B in Real-time. Most of the Indian Banks Allows their Customers to RTGS Services throughout their Branch and Online Platforms. 

  • Bank of Baroda timings, Lunch Break & Working Hour
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For Online RTGS Services Customers can log in to their Net Banking Portal and Transfer Fund. In the case of offline transfer through the Branch, the Account Holder Need to Fill the Bank of Baroda RTGS form and Submit to Bank. 

Bank of Baroda RTGS Timings –  The RTGS Timings of Banks can vary upon its Location. But for Bank of Baroda, the customer’s transaction Window is 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the Timings are 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM. On Sundays and Public Holidays the RTGS Facility is Not Available. 

Download Bank of Baroda RTGS Form PDF 

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Download Form Here 

Bank of Baroda RTGS Charges – The Bank of Baroda RTGS Transactions Service Cost is ₹ 24.50/- for an amount up to 500000 INR. For Transactions amount exceeding 500000, The RTGS Service Charge is  ₹ 49.50/-. (exclusive of tax, if any)

Your Bank may Decide to Charge Your Lower Rat, But it can Not Charge Your More than Prescribed Rate by Reserve Bank of India. 

How to Fill Your Bank of Baroda RTGS Form? 

Your Bank of Baroda RTGS Form is Divided into Two Different Parts. The Left part is the Acknowledgment Receipt which You will Get from Your Branch. The Right Portion of the Form where You have to Fill Details of Customer and Beneficiary. 

  • Bank of Baroda Net Banking & Registration – Login
  1. Enter the Details of Branch, Date & Time of Receipt. 
  2. Sender Account Details, Name of Account Holder, Select RTGS & Beneficiary Name. 
  3. Enter Receiving Bank account Name, Branch Name, IFSC Code.
  4. Fill Beneficiary Account Number, Account Type, Amount to Be Transferred. 
  5. Signature of Customer, PAN, Telephone.
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Note- Make sure to Enter Right Details of the Beneficiary Account Number & Amount. Your Bank Will Not Process Your Form if the Details are Wrong. 

Essential Information Customer Needs to Fill for RTGS Transfer 

  • Amount to Be Remitted.
  • Name & IFSC Code of Beneficiary Branch.
  • Name of Beneficiary Customer.
  • Account Number of Beneficiary Customer. 
  • Sender to Receiver Message ( if any ).

Bank of Baroda RTGS Fund Transfer Limit 

As We have Mentioned Below the RTGS Service is Primarily Ment for Larger Amount. You can not use this Service for Less Than 2 Lakh Rupees. The Minimum amount Customers can Transfer Through RTGS Facilities is 200000 INR. Fill the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form to Transfer Fund via RTGS Facility. 

What is the Benefit of Using the RTGS Facility?

  • RTGS is one of the Most Secure ways of Fund Transfer. 
  • The transaction charges are decided by RBI.
  • All the RTGS transactions have Legal Backing. 
  • There is No Need to Visit Branch for Depositing Paper. 

Bank of Baroda RTGS Fund Transfer Online in 5 Easy Steps

  • Login to Your Bank of Baroda Connect.
  • Go to Transfer TAB.
  • Click on Link to Transfer fund to other Bank NEFT/RTGS
  • Fill all the Details Required.
  • Transfer Your Fund to other Bank Account in Real-time. 
In Conclusion 

I Hope We have Cleared all your Queries related to the Bank of Baroda RTGS Form. If You have any questions related to RTGS / NEFT transfer, Feel Free to Share with us in the comments below. 

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