How to Write a Bank statement Request letter to Manager

How to Write a Bank statement Request letter to Manager

A bank statement is a summary of all the transactions done by a person or business. In this article, you will know how to write a bank statement request letter to the manager.

Usually, the Statement is issued by Bank on a monthly basis. Bank Statement Includes list of all the transactions, Deposits, Withdrawl in Form of cash or cheque, Bank Charges, and Fees for any Services. Every month Bank Directly Mail the account statement to their customer or kept in the branch for Pickup.

Therefore to keep a record of the income and expenses, the Bank statement is very important. Let’s Find out more about how to write a bank statement request letter to the Manager.

Nowadays More people have access to the internet and online banking, the account holder can also see their bank statement through net banking.  Account-holders can also view their bank statement through net banking and also download the softcopy of their statement. But there are times when we need hardcopy and then we have to write a bank statement request letter to the manager. To simplify this task we can ask a custom writing service for help and save our time and nerves.

Format of Application Letter to Bank manager 

Letter requesting bank statement















1. Write the Recipient Name & Address on the Top Left Corner of Letter –  To Start Your letter, Write the receiver details on the left side of your letter. In Our case, we are writing this letter to Bank Manager so the recipient here will be the managers of the bank to whom we are writing the Letter. In your letter, you have to mention the name of the bank, the name of the branch, and the complete address with the area zip code.

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2. Place the Date Directly Below Recipient Address – Write the date when You are writing this letter. The date should be one line Below Recipient Details.

3. Write the Senders’ Name & Address – You are the one who is writing this letter requesting a bank statement from the Manager Therefore you are the sender here. Write Your Name, Address with You area Code. If You are representing a company write the company’s Address and Details.

4. Subject – Subject is the short one-line description of why You are Writing this letter or what is Your letter is about. The subject is the first thing People see while reading your letter or E-mail. Suppose You are writing this letter to Manager for your Bank Statement, Write Your Subject as Requesting bank Statement for My XXXX Account from xxx date to xxx date. The subject is a very important aspect of formal letters which lets the recipient know what the letter will be about.

5. Salutation- Always Give the Person a salutation. You can use Mr, Mrs, Respected Sir/ Madam. Here You have to use Respected sir/ Madam as Your Salutation because you are writing this letter to the Bank Manager.

6. Body of the letter – The body of Your letter is the most important part of your letter. The body should always be divided into two or three paragraphs. The First paragraph introduces yourself and writes the purpose of Your letter.

In Your Second Paragraph, You have to be more detailed about the letter, You can mention the reason that You are writing this bank statement request letter and the other Details. Lastly, Summarize Your Purpose and conclude what you are expecting.

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7. End with Appropriate Salutation – Now End Your letter with Your sincerely, Name and Signature.

Bank statement request letter to Manage


The Manager
State Bank of India
Block A Karol Bagh Branch
New Delhi 110005

Date – 12/3/2019

Mr Pritam Singh Chouhan
Road No. 12
Sector 7, Rohini 110085

Subject – Requesting for Bank Statement

Respect Sir/ Madam,

I am Pritam Singh Chouhan Maintaining a Savings account in Your Bank. I am writing this Letter requesting You to Provide my Bank Statement.  My Account Number is 3456-8456-7588, I would be Thankful if you could Provide my Bank Statement of Month of February and March.

As I need to File my income tax return for this financial year, It would be very kind of You if You can provide my Bank statement at earliest.  Your agility regarding this will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Your’s Sincerely

Pritam Singh Chouhan


We hope this Detailed Formal bank statement request letter to Manager helps You. If you have any queries related to this letter, You can reach out to us through the comment section below and we will get back to You. If You Liked This Article, Make sure to also read about How to Write Bank Account Closure Letter

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