Benefits of a Non-sticky Bonus In Online Casino

Bonus In Online Casino

Casinos offer bonuses as one of their best promotional tools. A bonus is paid to the account of a player and the player is allowed to use it and bet with it. It’s therefore in a way free- money offered by the casino.

However, the matter is more complex than that and you won’t get free money to spend as you choose. In fact,  there are always wagering requirements that are attached to these bonuses. In regards to this, the bonuses can be “sticky” or “non-sticky” depending on how you can use them. 

 What Are Non-Sticky Bonuses?

The term non sticky bonus may be somewhat confusing to a novice player. However, it refers to the ability to withdraw the funds from your casino account after the bonus has been added to it. A non-sticky bonus is therefore one that you can withdraw without having to wager any of your own funds. 

That’s why non-sticky bonuses are considered to be a better option since it allows you to use the funds provided by the UFABET, without having to learn about wagering requirements or fulfilling them. 

Wagering Requirements

Sticky bonuses on the other hand are attached to wagering requirements. This means that you need to wager a certain amount before you’re able to withdraw funds. Sometimes this means that you’ll need to wager quite a lot more than what you’ve got from the casino. 

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Many players are hesitant to let go of the bonus since it seems as if they are letting go of free money. However, if the requirements are too high it may be the best way to go since you’ll need to invest way too much in order to use the bonus. That’s why a non-sticky bonus is a superior option.

Free Spins

Free spins are another common bonus, and it seems to be one of the best since you get to spin the game once without having to add anything to the account. However, it often isn’t as good as it seems since it’s a sticky bonus. 

Some players find this confusing because there’s no value attached to the free spins. The casinos assign a certain value to them and create a wagering requirement based on that value. That way you still need to deposit some funds of your own before you can withdraw the bonus.

How Much Do You Need To Wager?

In many cases, the wagering requirements for sticky bonuses tend to be a few tens of times higher than the actual bonus. This means that you’ll need to spend ten times more than what you’ve got before you’re able to withdraw the funds that are assigned to you as a bonus. 

This is too much for many players and especially for those who get into it without knowing that there are wagering requirements at all. It’s therefore important to be informed and to know when to give up on a bonus. 

The Amounts 

The bonuses we mentioned differ in terms of how they can be used but they are also different in terms of the amounts that you get. A non-sticky bonus is a more generous option since there is no wagering requirement attached to it. The amount you get from such a bonus is usually much smaller than those you get with a sticky bonus. 

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It’s a matter of finding a balance for the casino since this is an option that will end up losing them more funds at least in terms of how much is provided via the bonus. There are also advantages for the casino that come from making a name for yourself. 

Which Games?

There are bonuses for almost every game you could play in a casino. The most popular games are always slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette and all of them feature bonuses that are sometimes sticky and sometimes aren’t. 

This means that you should go through a process of learning about the bonuses for each of the games individually and for each casino if you play in more than one. Luckily, the casinos usually have a policy that’s the same for every game. 

Are Non-Sticky Bonuses Better?

Simply put – yes. Non-sticky bonuses have more benefits for an individual player than the sticky ones. They allow you to withdraw the funds you’ve made with a bonus without having to meet any wagering requirements and therefore you can pretty much take out all the money that you’ve earned including the bonus.

These bonuses usually come in smaller sums but they are better overall and therefore rarer. They are often offered by new casinos that want to draw some customers in or by the casinos that are selecting the players to which the bonuses are offered in the first place. 

To Sum Up

Casinos offer bonuses and they seem like a great deal for the players at least at first. That’s because the players aren’t always aware that there are both sticky and non-sticky bonuses. This means that you can withdraw the funds made by some (non-sticky) and you can’t withdraw the funds made with other (sticky) bonuses. 

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Non-sticky bonuses are a better deal for the players since they don’t have wagering requirements attached. It’s important to learn about the bonus before you start using them and if it’s a sticky bonus to know what the wagering requirements are. You should also take advantage of non-sticky bonuses when you get them.

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