Canara Bank RTGS Form Download

canara Bank RTGS Form

Canara Bank RTGS Form- Canara Bank Customers can transfer Fund From one account to another using the RTGS Service. RTGS is Real-time Gross Settlement which is a Secure, Efficient, and Reliable way to Transfer funds from one bank to another. RTGS is one of the Fastest Intrabank transfer facility available in India.

For transactions above 2 Lakh, the Account Holders need to Submit the RTGS Form to Their Branch. You can download the Canara Bank RTGS Form Here at Banking Support.

What is RTGS? How it is Different From NEFT?

RTGS is Real-time Gross Settlement, In this Process, the Fund are Transferred instructions takes place at the same time when they received. The Settlement of Funds occurs Individually on instruction by Instruction Basis ( Gross Settlement ). RTGS is one of the Fastest Intra Bank Fund transfer Services in India. The Minimum Amount which can be transferred under RTGS is 200000/-

How it is different from NEFT? NEFT is National Electronic Fund transfer, It works on deferred Net Settlement Basis. All the Fund transfer in NEFT is Settled in Batches. It operates in Hourly Batches from 8 am to 7 pm. For NEFT There is No upper or Lower Value Limit, You can transfer Money as You Want.

How to Fill Canara Bank RTGS Form?

In Order to Complete Your RTGS Transactions, You have to first fill the Form with some important information and Submit to Your Bank. Below are the Details Which Need to filled in Canara Bank RTGS Form.

  • Enter the Amount
  • Receivers Bank & branch Name
  • Account Number of Receiver
  • Senders Name & Account Number
  • Mobile Number
  • PAN
  • Address
  • Senders Signature
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Once the Amount Gets Credited in Beneficiary Account, the Bank Will Send You a Confirmation SMS on Your Registered Mobile Number.

Once You have Filled Your Canara Bank RTGS Form Properly, Now You can Submit it to Your Branch. The Bank Will Verify all the details and Further transfer the Fund to Beneficiary Account in Real-time.

If You are Having a Problem in RTGS transfer You can Contact Canara Bank RTGS Section Customer Care 022-26725208, Email – Download Your NEFT/RTGS Form from the official Canara Bank Website. 

In Conclusion

I Hope we have Cleared all your Queries related to the Canara Bank RTGS Form. Feel Free to Share Your Questions in the Comment Section Below.



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