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There’s no time to sit down, read, and follow every news story in a newspaper anymore. Or watch an hour-long report on a news channel. Today’s readers need news under 60 words with more visually appealing content. Unfortunately, news apps still carry long stories clouded with advertisements. This discourages readers like us to continue following the news.

Did you know that India won 22 Gold medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games? Stars like Mirabai Chanu, Jeremy Lalrinnunga, Bhavina Patel, and many more have brought home, gold medals in their respective sports. If you wish to know more about India and other countries’ performance in the CWG and other trending and latest news, you can now read them on the Airtel Thanks app!

The Airtel Thanks app has found the perfect solution to follow CWG and other news stories regularly. Just head over to their ‘Discover’ section in the Airtel Thanks app to understand more.

The new Discover section – Airtel Thanks app

The new Discover section in the Airtel Thanks app is curated to present latest news and stories in an interesting and visually appealing manner and design. The section keeps things interesting and hooks the reader to keep following a story.

Moreover, it is best for users who just want to get their news in less words or tell-it-all headlines.

Let’s talk about a few features of this newly launched section.

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Social Trends

If you just want to know the weekly or daily news stories in less than 30 seconds, this is the right section for you. It follows the same pattern as Instagram or WhatsApp stories. You can tap left or right to move to the next story quickly.

The section includes news stories from pop culture, sports, and politics. You can also expect info about new movie releases here. The tabs are updated regularly to keep the readers up-to-date everyday.

These stories are presented with interactive visuals and hashtags.

The Big Story

As the name suggests, this story is a compiled version of an on-going significant news. The app screen will mostly be relevant image or video with a small headline and description. The readers have the option to click on ‘Read Full Story’ button to read the full report.

Once you click on the option, you will be redirected to a new page with the complete story.

You can also like the story or share the same with your contacts easily.

This Day series

This Day series helps readers to be updated about various significant days and festivals, etc.

Daily news

The Daily news section is by far the most impressive section. The news stories are accompanied by an edited video with monologue about the story. You can also know more about the story with the headline and small description present below the video.

You can share, heart, and mute the video story. Moreover, you can check how many views the story already has.

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Wrapping up

It can be safely concluded that the Airtel Thanks app is not merely a recharge and bill payment app. It is so much more. You can also make online payments using UPI and a secure UPI PIN, etc. You can read more about what is UPI PIN in other blogs to make a safe payment.

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