Don’t Go With Just Any We Buy Gold Company – Look for These 4 Requirements

We Buy Gold Company - Look for These 4 Requirements

You can find gold-buying companies online that will pay for fine gold jewelry, bullion, and coins. However, not all companies are the same. Make sure the company you choose meets your security, convenience, and payment requirements.


Many gold buyers will pay you for your gold. What do you have to do to get paid? Does the company make it simple? Will it make sure your items stay safe? Does it offer customer support?


To sell your gold successfully, check to ensure the company meets the following four requirements.


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1. An Easy and Secure Way to Send the Gold for Appraisal

To ensure you receive the best service, the company should offer you easy ways to send your gold for appraisal. The business should either send an appraisal kit or make it easy to send your gold through FedEx if you need quick cash.


For example, the appraisal kit should contain everything you need to pack your jewelry and send it back via FedEx. If you need money faster, make sure you work with a we buy gold company that can send you instructions by email for processing a FedEx transport for overnight delivery. 

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If you receive an appraisal kit, it should include a zip-lock bag to pack your items as well as a bubble envelope to keep your things safe. The FedEx mailer and label should be included as well. If you wish to receive your money sooner, make sure the business supplies you with a FedEx label that you can print out for overnight delivery.

Make Sure the Gold Is Insured for at least $5,000

The company you choose should ensure your gold for at least $5,000 or give you the option of insuring it for more, if applicable. 

Delivery Should Always Be Free  – Whether You Are Sending or Receiving

Delivery should always be free, whether you are sending gold for appraisal or refuse the buy offer and want the items sent back.


2. Additional Selling Options

Besides gold, the gold buyer should also give you the ability to sell precious metals, such as platinum or diamond jewelry. That way, you only need to go to one source, whether you want to sell gold or include platinum or diamonds in your appraisal.

3. Easy and Fast Ways to Get Paid

Once the buyer receives your appraisal items, you should get an answer within 24 hours. Also, the company should give you several options to get paid. If you want a super-fast payment, it is generally best to get paid by PayPal. You should also get paid by direct deposit or check if you prefer.

4. A Toll-Free Customer Service Number

Don’t sell gold or precious fine jewelry to a company that does not list a toll-free number or offers you a way to contact them quickly.

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Selling Gold Should Be an Easy Experience

By following the above tips, you will get paid fast and have a more successful selling experience. When selling your gold or fine jewelry, narrow down your choices by choosing a company that meets your expectations for service, delivery, and quality.


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