How to Find Cheque Number & MICR Code in Cheque

cheque Number

A Cheque is a Document that Order Banks to pay a specific amount From person account to another Account whose name the cheque has been issued. The cheque can be issued against the Saving and Current account But for that, You Need a Cheque Number.

Every Cheque comes with a Cheque Number, in Simple Words, Cheque Number is a Unique SIX-DIGIT Number which Helps to Identify any Cheque.

The Main Purpose of adding the Cheque Number in Cheque Book so that Banks can Detect any Fraud. It Made sure that One cheque is was Not Presented Twice in Bank.

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All the Payment We Made Using Cheque is a form of Cashless Transactions. India is Moving Towards 100% Digital Banking but People still use Cheque Broadly Despite having so Many Other Payment Medium.

If You want to Deposit a Cheque in Your Bank which You have Received from Someone Else, you have to fill the Banks Cheque Deposit Slip. You have to fill Information Like Account Number Cheque Number & Branch.

If you are not aware of how to find Cheque Number, then Don’t Worry. In this article, we have discussed how to Find SBI, HDFC, PNB Cheque Number.

The Following Will Help You to Find Cheque Number in Your Cheque.

Cheque Number


The First Six Digital Number Written at the Bottom of Your Cheque is the Cheque Number.
The Next Nine Numbers is MICR ( Magnetic Link Character Recognition Code ). MICR Code helps Identify the Bank and the Branch. The MICR Code is Divided into Three Different Parts.

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1. CITY Code – The First 3 number in MICR represents the City.
2. BANK Code – The Next 3 Number in MICR Represent the BANK Code.
3. BRANCH Code – The Last 3 Numbers in Your Cheque MICR Reprenets the Branch.

After the MICR Code on Your Cheque, the Next 6 Digital Represents a Portion of Your Account number.
The Last 2 Digital after the Account Number is the Transaction ID. So basically the transaction ID Helps to Know that Cheque Issued is Local or Payable at Par.

Cheque Number

The Format of Cheque is Usually the Same in all the Banks. So To the Find, the HDFC, PNB, or SBI Cheque Number Just Check the Bottom of Your Cheque and It will Be there.

How to Apply for New Cheque Book?

Applying for New Cheque Book is a Very Easy Process, You Don’t Need to visit Bank anymore to Apply for New Cheque Book. Here Some Easy Way to Apply for New Cheque Book.

  • Mobile Banking – Every Bank has a Mobile Application for Their Banking Services. You can Just Apply for Mobile Banking, log in to Your Account & Apply for the New Cheque Book. It is one of the Fastest Way to get your Cheque Book.
  • Internet Banking – Internet Banking is one of the Easiest Way to apply for New passbook. Login to Your Internet Banking Account & Fill the Details to Apply for the new Cheque Book. Usually, the Cheque Book is Delivered within 7-10 Working Days to Your Registered Address.

In Conclusion

I hope we have cleared all Your Queries related to Cheque. In case if You have any queries related to SBI, HDFC, PNB Cheque Number You can Share with us in the Comments Below.

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To Know More about Cheque Read this Article on Wikipedia – What is Cheque 

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