Football trends that losing their relevancy

A lot of football fans, addicted to football, are clouded by the wrong postulates. For example, the Bundesliga is a one-team championship, the EPL is a power play league, and in Spain, there are only three teams who fight for the championship laurels. Many of these trends are the real McCoy. In Germany, Bayern is a clear-cut hegemon, in the EPL players play with a minimum of dribbling and with maximum efficiency, and in Spain, there are new teams with big ambitions for the title.

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Some people just like to take risks, no matter what they do. The excitement of others is directed toward gambling. Players are constantly looking for ways to beat their opponent in the form of a bookmaker’s office. One such option is to use current trends. 

In order to beat the bookmaker, it is necessary to use the game bank competently, not forget about bankroll management, and adhere to a certain strategy. Not always does the last element work. A great option for today is to look for leaving trends. 

Let’s try to break down those trends that are still cultivated by fans, but which aren’t on the agenda. Namely, three leaving trends can be seen in the current season.

The Dutch championship is the most scoring league in Europe

If you take into account the fact that bookmakers in the Eredivisie matches for T/U 2.5 usually give odds of 2.10-2.20, such bets at a distance will make you filthy rich. The fact is that players by inertia continue to consider the championship as a scoring one and bet on the top totals, and bookmakers are forced to over-quote the reverse markets.

With the right tactics, it is possible to guess at least 50% of the zero games for a scoring team, which at odds above two will give a stable profit in the long run.

Another promising option in scoring leagues is to play on a T/O of a scoring team that has a long streak of draws. In order to successfully play this scheme, it is necessary, again, to have the appropriate statistics on the performance of the teams at hand. For example, if Ajax plays an average series of draws of 3 games, then after the team has had such a series, you can bet on T/O for the fourth game, it is very likely to go in.

In Serie A, teams most often play on the TM 2.5

Over the past seasons in Serie A, teams rarely played more often on T/O 2.5 than on T/U 2.5. That happened in the 2014-15 season when teams finished with a total of 50.5 games with the top total.

In this case, the fans were more alert and noticed the receding trend. Now in Serie A bookmakers more often give low odds on the total over than on the total under.

La Liga is a championship of two teams

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This is a rather clichéd expression that can often be heard from English Premier League fans referring to La Liga. A decade ago you could give this assumption, but now it’s a whole different story.

This season, 5 teams have emerged that are capable of competing for medals. Atlético, Real Madrid, and Barcelona are still the top-hole clubs that looking for a title, but Sevilla and Real Sociedad have joined the party.

It is obvious that the level of the leaders of the Spanish championship noticeably leveled up, so Barcelona and Real Madrid are not sure-fire favorites of the tournament as they were 10 years ago.


Football trends are something on which the bettor can build his game strategy, but as long as he keeps track of their slightest changes. Remember that teams and tournaments change from year to year, so a trend that worked last year can only be a loss the next season. You’ll have time to make a good profit on the pre-assessed trend. So if you found a steady trend, but the first bet was unsuccessful, don’t get upset, it might be worth repeating the bet again.


Are these 3 leaving trends eligible for this football season?

Yes, these 3 trends can be seen in this forthcoming football season in Europe. However, even more trends might be found.

What is the football trend?

Football trend is an excellent effective tool in sports betting. It allows you to determine the current trend for a team or athlete. Proper use of trends, applying your own analysis/research in parallel, allows you to succeed over the distance. There are loads of resources that provide current trends on a daily basis. It is enough to enter a search engine and type in the desired query.

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