How public toilets use QR codes: top best use cases

Public toilets allow people to do their business comfortably. However, they’re also often neglected by people who use them.

To ensure public toilets are in top condition, many establishments worldwide use a QR code check-in, which people can scan to access.

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The great thing is that integrating QR codes for public toilets has become quicker and easier amid the booming popularity of the technology, especially amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Consequently, a QR code generator has become more advanced, with features such as data tracking, forms for online check-in, and instructional videos.

Look at the following use cases of QR codes in public toilets.

QR codes for Google Forms and check-in

To ensure accountability for people using the public toilet, establishments can use a QR code where people sign in before they can unlock the toilet door.

Upon scanning, people can see the spaces to fill out their name, contact information like phone number and email, the timestamp they’re to use the toilet, and more. Giving them the option to leave out crucial personal data is necessary.

For businesses, QR codes in public toilets make people accountable for their bathroom business and open an opportunity to market their products and services.

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With efficient data gathering, more people can see your business’ campaigns, increasing the visibility and chances of sales conversion.

QR codes for ranking toilets

Public toilets are a service by businesses to customers, meaning they can rank these facilities according to different criteria. 

Throne Labs, a startup based in Maryland, addresses the need for clean toilets through a ranking system similar to Uber—rating from 1-5, with five being the highest.

Essentially, people who use the toilets can scan the QR code and rate the cleanliness of the toilets and how pleasant their experiences are.

Other people can use the ranking system to check the toilets’ cleanliness before entering the establishment or using the public restrooms.

The drawback is people without a smartphone, homeless people, or young children may not be able to access the toilets even amid the urgent need to go because they can’t scan the QR code.

QR code to track your toilet activity

It’s a tendency for a lot of people to sit on the throne even after doing their primary business.

Most people are entertained doing other things, especially with their phones—endless scrolling on social media platforms or watching videos on YouTube or TikTok.

To prevent people from hogging the toilet, Throne Labs also offers a feature that uses built-in weight sensors to alert people of their toilet use.

Similarly, the platform can track if you’ve left a mess behind and rank your usage accordingly. This way, it keeps you accountable for your use too.

QR codes to lock the toilet doors

Public toilets can be dangerous, especially at night, as they can be in dark, poorly-lit areas where only a few people pass by.

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A QR code can serve as a lock to keep people safe. It can manage the toilets remotely to avoid dangerous situations for people who use the facility and alert authorities of any suspicious activities.

In Pudong New Area in Shanghai, 12 smart toilets automatically switch to night operation mode at 9 p.m.

Those who need to use the toilet can scan the QR code to keep the door shut while they relieve themselves.

If the system records no activities coming out of the toilet after 15 minutes, it sends an alarm to night shift personnel to check on the person using the restroom.

Create QR codes for public toilets with an advanced QR code generator

As mentioned, using an advanced QR code generator is the key to integrating QR codes for public toilets in your business.

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