How to Decorate for Thanksgiving in Your Home

Thanksgiving in Your Home

You may enjoy trying out different recipes in the kitchen, but most families stick to tradition when it comes to getting ready for Thanksgiving. There is a place for tradition, but do not stifle your imagination. Make an inviting, unique fall scene this year with one of these easy DIY projects. 

We’ve got Thanksgiving decorating ideas for every style and taste here, from rustic table settings to easy living room and dining room decor. Try stunning Thanksgiving centerpieces to impress your dinner guests, or try ice buckets created from fake reusable pumpkins, a runner made from vintage grain sacks, or creating mini wreaths to adorn your candles or use a Polyester Napkins and linens to table for added sophistication.

Our Thanksgiving decorating ideas for your table, living room, front door, and beyond will help make it a whole lot easier. And the best part? It’s easy, fast, inexpensive, and, above all, stylish. You’ll find ideas to make your Thanksgiving extra festive on this list of elevated and spirited decor ideas, no matter how patient you are. For minimalists, traditionalists, or eclectic hosts, we have some delightful ideas to inspire you.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with these cute woven pumpkins. Take a look at these Thanksgiving decorating ideas that only take a few tweaks to pull off, before you dive into creating a festive yet tasteful interior.

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Adding a little holiday cheer 

An arrangement of red flowers in the living room and dining table setting for Thanksgiving. It’s easier than you think to make Thanksgiving a cozy and festive occasion. Just a few items will do the trick. The living and dining rooms are characterized by hawthorn, low light, and roses, giving them a sophisticated holiday feel. Bright colors like orange, red, and yellow are perfect for Thanksgiving decorations.

Neutral Minimalism

Here are three ideas for decorating your mantel for Thanksgiving, using a white mantelpiece and a stone and wood mantelpiece. Decorating for Thanksgiving is trendier than ever, complementing the overall style and blending in with the interior design. This daffodil bouquet sits on a mantelpiece across from daisies and sprigs, creating a striking effect. The bouquet is festive and subtle at the same time. White pumpkins, in contrast, are adorable while remaining chic enough to last throughout the year.

Choose pieces with the same color scheme as your home’s decor to tone down your Thanksgiving decorations. Discovering festive gems will make your guests smile as well as look sophisticated. Explore vase manufacturer websites to steal some of the best glass vases for your centerpiece.

When entryway cheer falls into place

With orange and cream decorations for Thanksgiving, decorate the entryway for the holiday. Thanksgiving home decor works well in an entryway since it’s the first place your guests see when they enter your home. 

Although both entrance ways shown above have the same autumnal palette, their styles are distinctly different. There is a farmhouse-style on one, perfect for making a home cozy, and a contemporary design on the other.

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Because an entryway is typically small, you’ll want to be practical, make the most of what you have available, and avoid overdoing it. The coat rack needs one or two festive decorations and a colorful amber coat.

A cozy bedroom

Neutral Thanksgiving decorations can look attractive in bedrooms. The warm and fuzzy feelings that accompany Thanksgiving dinner can linger a little longer if the bedroom is appropriately decorated. Despite their modern and transitional styles, these bedrooms radiate the coziness of the season. A guest bedroom should have a neutral color scheme so it is easy to change the look with accessories like scatter cushions, throws, and flowers.

A dried wild berry and crab apple

You might cherish how natural crab apple or berry sprigs look on your Thanksgiving table this year. This combination promotes relaxed entertaining, ideal for savoring the smallest of pleasures. You can combine dried berry twigs with dried corn cobs or cinnamon sticks to show a Thanksgiving harvest. For a casual centerpiece, a few twigs with some eucalyptus leaves are sufficient per place setting. 

Flowers should be placed in every room of the house, not just on the dining room table, on Thanksgiving. Adding a big, laid back floral arrangement and French linens to your rustic farmhouse table will dress it up a little for the holidays without looking out of place.

Kids Table

It is possible to have a chic kids’ table, too! Place orange pillows on the floor as floor cushions and then add pumpkins, vases, and candles as a centerpiece, as seen here, styled by Sugar & Charm. Use string lights to illuminate your table. Simple but beautiful. You can decorate your mantel or console table with wheat or dried floral arrangements in a bell jar for an incredibly affordable and easy Thanksgiving decoration. You can enhance the looks with the decoration and labeling of your glass jars as well.

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Chic Neutrals

This monochromatic Thanksgiving table setting gives thanksgiving a chic makeover. With its white and gray dishes and glassware, white linens, and real and faux white pumpkins, the table looks sophisticated and festive. Eucalyptus branches strewn along the middle of the table, warming up the palette of white and gray. The casual wheat stalk wreath, two candlesticks, and jars of decorative white pumpkins on top of this vintage dish cabinet lend a country casual look to the room. 

Creating a Thanksgiving table with a sepia-tinted palette of browns and creams is another idea. You’ll need a linen tablecloth and napkins, fluted glass vases, tarnished vintage silverware, and a generous arrangement of flowers and wild grasses to put together this gorgeous table.

Outside decorations

In a mild climate, your Thanksgiving party can be held outdoors. This elegant fall harvest table brings indoor elegance to the outdoors in its earthy fall colors and elegant floral arrangements. This Thanksgiving table centerpiece is adorned with vibrant energizing red berries that are the focal point of a tall vase full of towering branches, creating a festive holiday atmosphere. The white tablecloth is a relaxed place to scatter leaves, pumpkins, and kumquats scattered with crystal glasses, autumnal linens, and autumnal table décor.


When times are turbulent, keep it classic by focusing on the timeless nature of the holiday and the good fortune of the holiday. An antique candle holder filled with tapered candles, linen tablecloth, crystal glasses, and crystal glassware make a holiday decoration setting that will last a lifetime. We hope this article adds value to your Thanksgiving decorations.

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