How to Get Admission to any MBA College in Germany


Germany is one of the stunning countries which has mind-blowing architecture, world-class technology, and bewildering history which makes it perfect to do a Management course. Being a pioneer in the field of technology and science, Germany is ahead of time in providing education. Germany contributes to the business world with stupendous management degrees. Interested candidates who wish to do an MBA In Germany must appear for the TOEFL test and IELTS test. Students who have done bachelor’s degrees are after searching for online MBA in Germany

Eligibility criteria for Studying MBA In Germany:

There are two types of German universities i.e. Public and private. Each type of university has different eligibility criteria. It is possible to pursue MBA In Germany without any work experience unlike in many countries where prior work experience is a prerequisite for an MBA degree. Let us check the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a German Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects i.e. 4-year degree or 3-year degree with 1-year master’s degree. Some universities even accept a 3-year bachelor’s degree to study MBA in Germany. 
  • The candidate must have a valid score in GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL. Each university accepts the score of different exams. Some universities accept TOEFL scores which makes it possible for applying for MBA in Germany without a GMAT score.
  • Students must hold basic knowledge of the German language. Although some universities offer a program for MBA in Germany in English. 
  • Students must hold a good academic record for Indian students which is equivalent to a minimum of 60% aggregate academic score. 
  • Some institutes even conduct entrance exams for determining the candidate who wishes to pursue an MBA in Germany. 
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The above-mentioned details are a must-have for applying for MBA In Germany for students. There are no set rules which are defined whether a candidate fits MBA in Germany. MS in Germany is a perfect choice for doing masters in Germany. 

How to apply for MBA In Germany?

For applying to MBA In Germany, you must first select the institute to which you wish to apply for. The step is to check the eligibility requirement for choosing the institution. For doing MBA in Germany, the application procedure requires the following documents:

  • GMAT/ Test score
  • English proficiency record with scores of TOEFL/IELTS depending on the requirement of the university. 
  • Marksheet/ scorecard for bachelor’s degree
  • Copy of passport 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • State of purpose/ letter of motivation/ essay
  • CV/Resume
  • Submit individual application form for institute along with copies of documents to apply for MBA course in Germany. 

Why should one study MBA In Germany?

Germany’s education is globally recognized as one of the best locations in terms of quality of education infrastructure with being cost-effective. The universities are ranked at the top and let us check some of the reasons why one should study MBA In Germany:

  • Germany is home to some of the most interesting institutions in the world. Approximately 8 business school ranks among the top 100 for full-time MBA course. 
  • MBA in Germany has a wide specialization that includes various uncommon ones such as Global management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 
  • The fees for MBA In Germany are less than in other destinations such as the USA. 
  • Several scholarship programs are offered by the best MBA Colleges in Germany to manage their living expenses. 
  • The course covers all the study modules of MBA In Germany which covers important concepts of business management. This helps students in gaining crucial skills and independent style ideas. 
  • Germany is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. This is even home to globally recognized companies that offer lucrative employment opportunities to MBA graduates. 
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What After MBA?

After completion of the total course duration, the student will be given the option of applying for 18 month’s Residental permit to look for a job that responds to the areas of qualification. During 18 months, the student must take up any kind of employment support themselves. Students must be even informed about the probability of receiving a residence permit in order to work in Germany. Germany even has introduced the EU Blue card which is dedicated to citizens from non-EU states and even has proof of legal stay in the country. 

Why Is Germany the perfect place to commence MBA?

There are several reasons why Germany is a paradise for MBA students. Let us check some of the reasons:

  • Countless MBA degrees: the first advantage of this is that you get plenty of options. This variety enables one to find something that will match the academic interest and goal. 
  • Affordable price: MBA degrees are expensive ones and not many have the money to afford them. Though such a degree comes at a certain price it is much smaller than popular MBA degrees such as those in MBA will have an equal academic standard. Tuition fees for MBA courses will have an average which can expect to pay between 4k to 10k for the academic year. 
  • Top-notch academic staff: the professors who teach you play a major role in the professional formation and German universities are aware of this fact. They are home to a world-class study source and this even side student on the path to becoming a successful manager and businessman. 
  • Prospects: This is one of the key points which is a paradise for MBA graduates. All around the place, there are internal companies that are eager to hire young, motivated, and well-educated professionals who wish to enter a challenging career. 
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How long does it take to appear for MBA In Germany?

The duration of an MBA course in Germany even changes from university to university. MBA full-time last between 12 months to 24 months. Some courses make an exemption lasting 15 months, 18 months, or 20 months. 

Benefits of studying in Germany

MBA Course in Germany helps in furnishing one with a thorough understanding of several elements and importance. MBA In Germany is profoundly research directed in a learning course. You will be introduced to several real-life encounters where analytical thinking and the decision-making process develops. Top German and overseas companies to solve global management issues. This is not difficult for understanding the selection of German universities for obtaining an MBA degree is an exceptional task. 


MBA is another popular post-graduation course that most graduates pursue. Students of all streams such as commerce, science, humanities can apply for MBA In Germany. Germany has turned out to be a pool for MBA students. This is a more or less stable economy paired with a dearth of qualified local graduates which makes it a treasure house for MBA students.


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