How To Promote Your Financial Services Company On Instagram

Microsoft released a study that forecasted the decline of people’s attention span from 12 seconds to eight seconds. With this number in mind, it has become quite a challenge to reach potential target audience members, especially in the continuously growing digital landscape.

Reaching out to potential customers through brand promotion and marketing boils down to great storytelling. But with more distractions coming in online and offline, how can businesses in more traditional industries like the banking and financial services niche compete to capture a digital native’s attention?

The answer is simple: show, don’t tell. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. A business in the financial services sector can pique the interest of possible customers by leveraging the visually rich social media platform Instagram. These social media opportunities boost brand awareness very fast that mainstream media is almost lagging behind.  Becoming an active content creator on this visually focused social media platform will be beneficial in redefining and reaching out to the largest generation with financial power—the Millennials.

However, creating content and actively engaging with your target market can be tedious and challenging. So, it’s best to tap an Instagram growth service provider to help you reach your milestones without losing focus on doing what you do best: offering your financial services.

To become successful on this social media platform, here are some points to ponder on how to promote your financial services company on Instagram:

1. Grow Your Followers

One of the first things you can do to promote your financial services company on Instagram is to grow your followers. As mentioned earlier, working with an agency that can help you grow your Instagram account is one of the best things to do so you don’t have to veer away from managing your business.

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Aside from organically growing your followers through contests, giveaways, and other content marketing strategies, one of the things you can consider is to buy Instagram followers. Your business can benefit from buying followers since it helps boost your brand in a shorter time. Hence, you can gain more credibility and authority to compete against more prominent companies and benefit from the algorithm. After all, the followers you get are real people and provide highly valued engagement.

2. Create Your Brand’s Community

Social selling is one of the things you can leverage when you have your community. Creating a community composed of followers and stakeholders enables you to create a personalized relationship with your group members, building an army of believers who will establish trust and authority in your company.  

Another benefit of building your brand’s community is gaining customer and industry insights. Making your community members feel heard and understood is an excellent way to create a more profound and longer relationship with them, ultimately leading to a sale later on.

In addition to getting to know your community well, other reasons to create a community are to humanize your brand, emphasize your company’s purpose, and highlight initiatives your business does to help members of your community.

3. Leverage Hashtags 

One of the beauties of having an Instagram account for your financial services business is that it showcases your clients, your employees, and your company’s purpose and goals through exciting and beautiful visuals. Moreover, captions that pique your target audience’s interest paired with hashtags specific to your niche make it easier for your target market to find you on Instagram. 

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Tagging posts either created by your team or other Instagram users include you in a larger conversation, thus humanizing your brand. However, it’s essential to note that the hashtags you use must be something that is relevant to and makes sense for your brand.

Using at least five to seven hashtags per Instagram post will help increase the reach of your content. Don’t stick to the usual descriptive and dry hashtags connected to financial services. You can ride on hashtags that are trending or are especially clever; just make sure you always choose to include hashtags that are specific to your business. This way, your posts don’t get lost among the thousands of Instagram content created daily.

4. Use Instagram Reels

 A more recent addition to Instagram that your business can use is Instagram Reels. These 15-60 second vertical videos can help financial services businesses reach more people on the app. Creating engaging content that is either entertaining, inspirational, or educational is one of the ways you can piggy-back on Instagram’s algorithm that shows your videos to more users who are interested in topics similar to what you create.   


Most people don’t typically perceive financial services as a fun industry. Therefore, you should find ways to make your business more palatable to your target market. Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use to reach and engage your target market. Remember that the content you create for your business must fall under one of these three categories: educational, inspiring, and entertaining.

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