How to Use Onsite Storage For Your Home Business in Melbourne

Having a home business is amazing. You can stay at home, focus on your family, and earn money at the same time. 

But, your business is growing and space is dwindling. You are considering converting yet another room for storage. If you keep going like that, you will run out of rooms to use for yourself.

That’s why using commercial storage units is the recommended storage option for home business owners.

So, what are commercial storage units and how can they help you?

Commercial Storage Units Are…

Commercial storage units are rental storage containers that can fit many things, including products for business. 

They are specifically designed with quality steel to withstand the weather, water, dust, and vermin. With such strong material, you won’t have to worry about damage to your products.

The best thing about these storage units is the fact that they can be delivered to your house. So, you don’t have to go to the hassle of picking it up. 

Plus, they came with a variety of sizes and you can choose which one suits your needs the most. The sizes are;

  • 6ft containers = $22.95 per week
  • 8ft containers = $24.95 per week
  • 10ft containers = $34.95 per week
  • 20ft containers = $59.95 per week

They also have different prices, as written above. Hence, you only need to pay for the space you need.

Onsite Storage Benefits for Your Business

So, what are the benefits for home business owners? The most obvious benefit will be the extra space, of course. But, other than that one, there are other benefits which are as important, which are;

  • Proximity and Access to The Container
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There are a lot of people who choose to store their products in a self-storage facility and have to drive there everytime to access the products.

This onsite storage doesn’t require you to drive anywhere. You can just access it in your front yard and lock it. It’s like you have a room outside your house.

  • Maximum Protection for Your Products

As mentioned in the previous section, the containers are made of quality steel that can withstand weather, water, dust, and mould. Plus, the steel is thick and impenetrable. Therefore, any attempts of theft can be safely prevented.

  • No Need to Go Back and Forth

The onsite storage unit will be delivered to you and put inside your premises with a forklift. Hence, you don’t have to worry about picking up and positioning the unit.

  • No Fixed Contracts

If you are worried about how long you can use the container for, you don’t need to. Storage companies usually offer no fixed contract for onsite storage containers. You can rent for 12 weeks or 12 months, or even longer than that!

Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Tips to Use Onsite Storage to The Maximum Potential

Now, let’s see what strategies you can use to maximise the onsite storage unit. 

  • Make a Storage Plan

Nothing really major, you only need to organise your storage space into something logical. To do that, make sure you label all the boxes with a clear description.

Then, place items based on types, SKU, shipping time, or shipping group. That way, you can streamline the process and save the confusion.

  • Take Extra Care of Fragile Items
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If your products are fragile, make sure to pack them with protection, like bubble wraps and packing papers. That way, when you stack them inside boxes and bump each other, they will still be protected.

  • Make Use of The Tie Down Rail Inside The Container

Usually, an onsite storage container has tie down rails on every side. You can utilise these tie down rails to secure your products with ropes. Plus, you can use them as a place to hang other necessary items such as ropes, tapes, packing essentials, and many more.


The onsite storage units are the modern solution for modern home business owners like you. Other than giving you more space to store your products, onsite storage units can also protect them from the elements.

Plus, there is no obligation to return the unit after a period of time. You can rent and keep it in your house for as long as you like. 

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about picking up the unit. It will be delivered straight to you. So, what you need to do now is to phone a storage company and rent a unit!


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