Is it possible to cheat a slot machine?


During the existence of slot machines, there have always been players who tried to “beat the system” and cheat the slot machines. Of course, this is a bad idea, especially these days when any malfunction that the device recognizes as cheating causes it to shut down or stop automatically.

Slot machines are some of the most profitable types of gambling for players, casinos, and, oddly enough, cheaters. The latter thinks about hacking the device and getting as much as possible. That is why there are so many myths about slot machine cheating. Among them, there is the use of:

  • Magnets;
  • Cheat Codes;
  • Coin substitution.

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In modern slot machines, it is impossible to cheat with a magnet because they all work thanks to the software. Therefore, slot machines are now protected from any exposure to magnetism.

However, back in the second half of the twentieth century, old-style slot machines were vulnerable, and it was possible to use a powerful magnet. With its help, crooks made the drums spin freely and not stop when they should have. As soon as a winning combination appeared on the reels, cheaters would take the magnet and demand the payout shown on the screen.

Cheat Codes

As slot machine software has improved, its security and protection have improved. Each game is thoroughly tested and monitored during development. Gambling jurisdictions must ensure that all software providers, casino operators, like, and players follow the rules and regulations. And while some people do try to break the law, it is sure to attract the attention of casino security, which monitors players’ actions with cameras.

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Coin substitution

By the beginning of the twentieth century, scammers used tricks to break into slot machines using various counterfeit coins. But from year to year, the devices are becoming more modernized, and today they already use a light sensor to register payments. The optical sensor works independently of the actual comparator in many devices. The machine will return a cropped or “shaved” coin and will only start playing when the correct size and shape coin lands.

Over the years, people have come up with many ways to beat machines, eventually leading to improvements. Therefore, slot machines are now under the constant scrutiny of gambling providers. However, rational people are unlikely to resort to cheating. In addition, it should be remembered that all gambling should be handled responsibly. 


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