Jobs in qatar for Indians

Jobs in qatar for Indians

Currently Qatar is one of the fastest growing countries in the Arab world. Just ten years ago, there were no multi-storey buildings on the territory of the state. And today it is a real business capital, where many employers and job seekers aspire. Working in Qatar has many prospects. The country is actively developing. It also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. There are numerous jobs in both the private and public sector. If you are interested in Doha Qatar jobs in qatar for Indians, then this is quite promising. The only thing is, self-searching for vacancies can be problematic. We always have work in Qatar for Indians. We are ready to offer current vacancies, the list of which will be below. Work in Qatar for Indian residents.

It is worth immediately distinguishing between a number of professions, which have long been occupied for the most part by immigrants from underdeveloped countries such as gardeners, laborers, and builders. These applicants are very unpretentious in matters of salary and working conditions. The situation is completely different in the segment of services, tourism and trade: here, first of all, they are “greeted by their clothes”, they value a good level of education, the ability to behave and knowledge of languages ​​(especially English). For all those positions where contact with the client is expected, they often hire a specialist of Slavic appearance with knowledge of the India language. A significant reason for this is also the very large flow of Indian-speaking tourists. It is for this reason that so many of our compatriots can be seen in the positions of headwaiters, administrators, receptionists, rescuers, waiters, airport service workers and many others. You can rely on our people in these matters, so the employer’s desire “not to lose face” ensures work in the UAE for Indians at any time of the year. 

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There are no special wishes and requirements of the employer for vacant positions. Requirements – as elsewhere: the applicant must be healthy, have a passport to enter the country, have work experience in a similar position and speak English at a sufficient level for this position. 

Residents of other countries should apply for a work visa to work in Qatar. It is of two types:

  • Temporary. This type of visa is issued for up to one year. Its issuance must be confirmed by the Department of Immigration. Confirmation and invitation from the employer are sent to the foreign resident in his home country. With these documents, he draws himself up an entry visa to Qatar. Upon arrival in the country, a foreign national is obliged to undergo a fingerprinting procedure and a medical examination, including the obligatory donation of blood for HIV infection. 
  • Constant. This type of visa is issued for 3 years. The issuance of such a document is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A permanent visa is issued for about a month. It provides a lot of opportunities, but it also includes one significant disadvantage: having such a visa, you can leave the territory of Qatar only with a special exit visa. You can get a permanent visa only after the expiration date of the temporary work visa.

Regardless of the type of visa, its registration is always paid by the employer. To obtain a permanent work visa, the employer submits a package of papers to the ministry: 

  • Valid passport. Its shelf life must be at least 8 months. 
  • Photocopies of certified documents confirming the education of a foreign resident. 
  • Photographs in the amount of 20 pieces.
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