Karnataka bank RTGS Form

Karnataka Bank RTGS Form

Karnataka Bank is one of the largest Private sectors Bank in India based in Mangaluru in Karnataka. The Bank has a Network of More than 862 Branches and 1026 ATMs Spread all over the Country. Karnataka Bank offers You facility of RTGS Payment. For transactions above 2 Lakh, the Account Holder Need to Fill the Karnataka bank rtgs form.

The can Download the RTGS Form Here at Banking Support and Further Fill & Submit it to Your Respective Branch. Most of the Banks offers online RTGS Free of Cost, But If You are Doing it through Your Branch You have to Pay Minimal Cost to Carry the Transactions.

Karnataka bank RTGS & NEFT Service

Most of the Indian Private & Public Sector Banks Allows NEFT & RTGS Services through Their Website and Branch. The Karnataka Bank RTGS Form is Available for Download Here at Banking Support so that Users can Fill the Form and submit it to their Branch. In addition, The Karnataka Bank RTGS Form is Available in Both PDF & Printable Format for Better Convenience of Customers.

The Transactions in RTGS Happens as Soon as It is Received, that Means all the Transactions Take Place in Real-time & Gross Basis. The RTGS system Doesn’t Require any Physical Exchange of money. All the Transactions are Made electronically from Bank Account A to Bank Account B.

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Karnataka Bank RTGS Timings – Depending upon the Bank and Its Location the RTGS Timings will Vary. The Karnataka Bank RTGS Timings are 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the Timings are 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM. On Sundays and Public Holidays the RTGS Facility is Not Available. Fill the Karnakata Bank RTGS Form and Submit it to Your Branch for Further Action.

Download Karnakata Bank RTGS Form in PDF 

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Karnakata Bank has been a Member of RTGS ( Real-time Gross Settlement ) Since 2004. Since Then This Bank Has been Providing the Best Fund Transfer Services to its Account Holders.

Karnataka Bank RTGS Charges – The Karnakata Bank RTGS Transactions Service Charges ₹2 lakh to ₹5 lakh is ₹25/- for up to 4 Lakh 99 Thousand ( Exclusive of Tax). Above 5 Lakh the Charges are 50 INR Per Transactions Plus Service Tax.

How to Fill Your Karnakata Bank RTGS Form?

Your Karnataka Bank RTGS Form is Divided into Two Different Parts. First, the Right Section of the Form is for the Details of the Applicant. The Left section is the acknowledgment Copy. Follow the Steps Below to Fill Your Form Properly.

  1. Enter the Details of Branch and Date on the Top of the Form.
  2. Details of Applicant Like Account Number, Name, Amount, Charges, Total, Email/Mobile Number, Cheque Number.
  3. Next Fill the Details of the Beneficiary like Bank Name, Branch, IFSC Code, Account Number, and Name of Applicant.
  4. Similarly, on the Left Part of the Form, You have to Provide the Same Details of Applicant & Beneficiary for Acknowledgment Slip.
  5. Once You have Filled the Form, Sign on the Given Space.
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Note- Make sure You have Entered Proper Details of the Beneficiary Account. The RTGS payment will be made Based on the IFSC Code and Account Details.

How RTGS is Different from NEFT?

The NEFT & RTGS Payment System Has Made Fund transfer Easier. Now the Account Holders Don’t Need to Wait For 2-3 Days to Get money Credited in Beneficiary Account. These Methods are Fast, Convenient, Easy to use, and Cost Efficient.

RTGS is Mainly used for Value above 2 Lakh, this Service is Not Available for Fund Less than 2 Lakh. RTGS Transactions settlement occurs in Real-time and this Facility is Available both online & offline.

In the case of NEFT, all the Transactions are Settled in Batches. The minimum amount for NEFT Transactions is 1 Rs. It is Available 24/7 and Customers can use this Facility online and offline Both.

Karnataka Bank RTGS Fund Transfer Limit 

As per RBI, the RTGS system is Primarily Meant for Large Value Transactions. The Minimum Amount Customers can transfer through RTGS is 200000 INR. There is No Maximum Limit of RTGS Fund Transfers. 

What is the Benefit of Using the RTGS Facility?

RTGS Offers Many Advantages over the other Money Transfer Facility Available online / Offline. Here the Top 5 Benefit of Using the RTGS for Fund transfer. 

  • It is one of the Safest & Secure way of Fund Transfer. 
  • The Charges are Very Minimal.
  • RTGS Transactions have No amount CAP.
  • All the RTGS Transactions have Legal Backing. 
  • The Remitter Need Not to use a physical cheque.
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In Conclusion 

I hope we have Cleared all Your Queries related to Karnataka Bank RTGS Form in this Article. If You have any Question related to RTGS/ NEFT Transfer, Feel Free to Share with us in the Comments Below or Write us an email at craftedreviewsbusiness@gmail.com

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