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Dota 2 Tournament

The Dota 2 tournament: 

The International 2014 culminate in a year-long massive multi-million dollar e-sports annual competition. The prize pool has exceeded $10 million this year, and it’s still growing! Last year’s champion team won over $5 million, and this record-breaking prize is likely to be beaten this year.

The International 2014 features the 16 best Dota 2 tournament teams in the world competing against each other to win 1 of 2 spots at The International 2015. These two teams will play against the current champion team, last year’s winner Team NewBee, for a chance at over $1 million. The group stage has just finished, and now only eight teams are remaining, including last year’s champion.

What is Interantional 2014 Dota 2 Tournament?

The International 2014 is the fourth annual Valve Corporation hosted Dota 2 tournament. It has grown exponentially since its inception, and it features the 16 best Dota 2 teams in the world, competing for over $10 million! The two teams that make it through this dauntless competition will play against the current champion to win 1 of 2 spots in next year’s International, for a chance at even larger prize pools!

The group stage has finished, and now only eight teams are remaining. The winner of this full-scale Dota 2 tournament will be decided on August 11. I just came technology from The International Dota 2 Championship in Seattle, having witnessed history in the making. I had a great time, and I’m ready to tell you all about it!

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Know what is Dota 2 Tournament in short?

If you’ve been living under a rock (or haven’t heard of Dota 2), let me bring you up to speed: Valve recently released details on their yearly championship event, The International Dota 2 tournament Championship, which will be held on July 18 through the 21st of this year. It’s already over a week past that date, but I’m sure Valve has some brilliant marketing strategy up their sleeves that they’ll reveal soon enough.

The first invite went to last year’s champion Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), and the list of compute waxed and waned as time went on. Valve has already started sending out more invites, but we don’t know who they’ve sent them to yet! They’re keeping us in the dark as much as possible – I guess it’s a great way to generate some media buzz, which is what Valve knows best.

There are still 15 slots left, at least one of which was promised to a team from the SEA region (but that’s not very much information). Some teams have already secured their spots by winning smaller tournaments, such as Invasion e-Sports, Team Zenith, and last year’s runner-up Rattlesnake . The last slot went to the winner of a qualifier held in Seattle, Evil Geniuses .

What are the prize pools for Dota 2 tournament?

The prize pool sits at just over USD 2.8 million right now, which is insane for any e-sports event! Last year’s total reached almost 1.5 million dollars, but that was only after The Defense 3 tournament bumped it up to $1 million. There are still many interested parties buying up the prize pool, so the total will likely eclipse $3 million by the time The International rolls around!

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But enough about money – this is Dota 2 tournament  we’re talking about, not capitalism. What matters is how strong each team is concerning one another, and the current list of teams looks like this:

Invictus Gaming Team DK Vici Gaming Na’Vi Alliance Orange e-Sports Zenith TongFu Natus Vincere MVP Phoenix Fnatic Evil Geniuses Virtus.Pro The other 15 slots go to wildcard winners – anyone else who makes it through The International’s qualifiers. As for who I think will be invited, it’s a little tough to say . It seems like the invites are going out in waves, so we’ll have to wait and see which way Valve decides to go! They haven’t even released detailed information on how teams can qualify about the lack of transparency.

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