Make your products stand out with hang tags

Make your products stand

What are hang tags?

Hang tags are cardboard clothing labels usually used as labels or price tags. A hang tag contains a hole so that the hang tag can be attached to the product with a string. These cardboard labels with string, by the way, contain all the necessary information about the product.

The most common application of a hang tag is attachment to a garment. A hang tag gives a garment a unique and eye-catching look in a store. Hang tags are used in the most creative ways, for example, as information tags for plants and price tags for food items. The tags can be easily attached to products using the cord. Moreover, you can print your cardboard tags to make all your projects even more personal.

Store your products with cardboard hang tags

All our hang tags are printed on 280 g/m² bristol cardboard. Bristol board is a high-quality cardboard that is also acid-free and resistant to aging. This makes the cardboard the perfect choice for hang tags. Hang tags are the perfect choice to increase brand awareness of your products in a retail environment. Thanks to our wide range of design and finishing options, we’ll make sure your items get the look they deserve.

What are hang tags used for?

Hangtags are used to give important information about an item, such as the brand, price, materials used in making the item and other valuable information. In addition to giving important information, hang tags also allow products to stand out in a store or market. A hang tag attracts customers’ attention and makes your items stand out….

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What are hang tags made of?

Hang tags can be made of different materials ranging from paper to leather, fabric and wood. Our hang tags are made from the highest quality bristol cardboard. They are then finished with a whole punch and are available with an optional lanyard attachment to easily display your hang tags.

Why should you use hang tags?

Hang tags make a product extra special in every way. They make a creation stand out in the store or attract attention when a gift is unwrapped. Hang tags provide an extra wow factor. They are also a fun way to let the personality of the creator shine through. The design and layout of a hang tag add extra character to a creation.

Other uses of hang tags

Hang tags are perfect for everything, for selling handbags, clothing, yoga mats and more. Not only can you use them to sell products. They are also a great addition to add a nice touch to any gift. Make a hang tag that lets people know all about the things you’ve made. Hang tags are also fun as printed labels for storage bins and drawers, or to organize or label anything in your home.

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