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Bookmaker Mostbet works out no less carefully when compared with top duels (except that it was not possible to find a bet on the statistics and indicators of hockey players). Otherwise, there are enough outcomes for a comfortable game. Standard offer for total, handicap, combined options, intervals, sequence of pucks and periods.

There are classic game scenarios. For example:

  • loses during the meeting and wins (yes/no);
  • loses during the match and will not lose (yes/no);
  • loses by 2 goals and wins (yes/no).

Also, among bettors, the victory with a difference (1 goal, 2 or 3, etc.) and a comparison of the performance of periods are in demand. The painting on basketball is above average. A good offer for total and odds, periods, but few outcomes for game scenarios. Statistics appear extremely rarely and mostly at meetings within the NBA. Mostbet will suit users who bet on predicted outcomes. There are few complex and non-standard options, which can hardly be considered a significant drawback. Offers for tennis are also enough for a full-fledged game. There are enough totals and handicaps, including for each set. There are also bets on the tie-break and the presence of a dry score for games, and in live – on the result of each game and the score 40:40.

Esports is poorly covered. The site hosts only basic disciplines like GS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and StarCraft 2. It is possible to bet only on popular tournaments (less often – average). Moreover, the painting even on the TOP of the game may appear only shortly before the start.

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The line in live is limited. It is clear that popular tournaments are available, but average ones, not to mention smallmarkets, are often absent. For example, when the best Mostbet live line can have 30 football events, Mostbet has only 10. For domestic competitions, this applies to a lesser extent.

The painting almost does not differ from the prematch. The offer is not overloaded, there are enough options for a normal choice. There are enough totals and handicaps, bets on periods and goals.

There are broadcasts and graphical accompaniment of matches, but in the vast majority of cases, they are not available (the corresponding icons are displayed, but they are inactive).

To make a bet faster, players are invited to use a 1-click bet on a pre-specified amount (quick bets option). If you’re considering joining the platform, you can easily create Mostbet account, there is an automatic acceptance of changing coefficients. Transaction acceptance time is operational (2-4 seconds). No noticeable delays were detected.

Mostbet has acceptable quotes.

In football, the margin for TOP tournaments is 3.5-4.5%. The value for mid–level competitions is 5-6%, and for the rest of the leagues – about 8% (even for basic outcomes). The margin for hockey is even higher – 5-8% for the outcome and up to 11% for the middle leagues and unpopular markets. For example, for the NHL semi–finals, the commission for the result of the main time is 5.3%, for the main total – 5.55%, and for an equally probable handicap – 5.27% (penalties 1.80-1.90). The value of basketball is not pleasing. In the best case, the commission is 6-8% on the basic outcomes, even in the fights of popular competitions.

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Tennis odds may differ significantly even within the same championship. For total and odds in ATP and WTA level matches, the margin is often 2-3%. But for additional painting, the value is higher – 6%, and for ITF games and Challengers – 7-8%. The fees for esports are average (6-8% and above).

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