Music’s New Game-Changer Revealed!

In the world of music, data-driven decisions can make or break careers. Viberate, a music data company, has set out to revolutionize the industry by providing premium music analytics and stats for Spotify at an unbeatable price. For just $19.90 per month, Viberate offers a comprehensive suite of tools that include Spotify stats, playlist analysis, and much more.


Viberate’s Mission: Affordable Music Analytics

Viberate’s objective is unequivocally defined: ‘To foster a more inclusive music industry by ensuring that top-notch data is accessible and affordable for every professional within the sector. Historically, the high cost of data services has limited access for indie labels and artists. Viberate aims to change this by offering their professional suite at an incredibly low price point, reduced from $129 to only $19.90 per month.


Unparalleled Music Insights

Viberate’s music insights cover a vast spectrum, monitoring over 1 million artists and translating their performance on various channels, including streaming platforms like Spotify and social media, into actionable insights. The platform provides an array of features tailored to empower artists, labels, and industry professionals.


Spotify Stats at Your Fingertips

One of Viberate’s standout features is its in-depth Spotify stats. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the streaming performance of every artist on Spotify. You can track monthly listeners, followers, streams, and playlisting data. The platform even allows you to explore an artist’s Spotify history and daily performance metrics. With Viberate, you can access all an artist’s songs in one place, filter them by streams and release date, and even listen to them directly from the platform. Additionally, you get valuable insights into an artist’s monthly listeners by country and city, aiding in targeted marketing efforts.

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Playlist Analysis Made Easy

Viberate’s playlist analyzer delves deep into an artist’s Spotify playlist performance. It compiles every playlist placement, highlighting the best-performing playlists and songs. By tracking the extent of playlist reach and the quantity of active playlists over time, it becomes possible to identify the influence of particular song or album releases. Viberate showcases an expansive chart encompassing over 12 million playlists, aiding in identifying the most appropriate playlists for an artist’s distinct genre and stage in their career. The platform’s filtering features are broad and detailed, allowing for the fine-tuning of choices based on factors such as genre, playlist category (spanning indie curators, editorial, and algorithmic types), song popularity, and release date. For example, you can find 372 Pop playlists curated by indie creators with at least 10,000 followers, featuring a significant portion of tracks released in the past 3 months.


Discover Rankings and Talent Effortlessly makes it easy to check an artist’s Spotify rankings and apply filters based on country, genre, and performance. The platform also offers overall and channel-specific rankings for exploration. The Chart feature stands out as a game-changer for talent discovery, enabling A&R professionals to uncover and evaluate new talent efficiently. You have the option to save your favored filtering preferences for later use, guaranteeing that your desired search criteria are readily accessible whenever needed.



For those interested in music insights and Spotify stats, Viberate is an invaluable resource. Their commitment to affordability and accessibility sets them apart in an industry where data can make or break success. Whether you’re an independent artist, a label executive, or an A&R professional, Viberate empowers you to make informed decisions and drive your music career forward. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of data with Viberate’s premium statistics suite at an unbeatable price of just $19.90 per month. Start making data-driven decisions today with Viberate.

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