Possible Reasons you are Losing at Slots and How to Fix It

Playing online slots and incurring losses is quite common. Gambling lovers today experience more losses on slot machines than on live casinos. The reason why online slot games are costlier compared to any other online casino game is because of their popularity.

Millions of gamblers are losing millions of money on online slot games. You don’t have to be on this count. What is essential is to understand the possible reasons you’re failing at slots and what you can do to start winning. Read on to understand what you could be doing wrong and how to change it.

Choosing Slot Games That Pay Low

The Return-To-Player percentage rate determines how much the slot machines will pay you back. If you choose low-paying slot games, the returns will be low. To be sure you’ll win bigger, ensure you go for slot online games with a higher Return-To-Player percentage rate.

Overlooking the return to player rates has cost many gamblers, even when they get to know what the term means. To change this, avoid going for games with a low return to player percentage and focus on the higher ones. You’re guaranteed to win bigger with better-paying slot games.

Taking Alcohol While Playing

Most slot games have waiting people and floor staff available on the slot machines to offer you free drinks while you play. There are still casinos that do not provide alcoholic beverages but make these drinks available to patrons.

Indulging in alcohol while playing takes away the needed focus on the game. You incur losses and exceed the budget you had hoped to place on the bets. Until you have played and finished, avoiding getting intoxicated is essential as you could incur losses you didn’t plan or budget for.

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Ignoring Slot Casino Bonuses

If you must play online slot games, ensure that you have some extra cash that exceeds your budget. Having extra cash gives you more chances of winning huge sums of money. You have an opportunity to make more money by placing bigger bets. Slots break often (สล็อตแตกบ่อย), and you could end up receiving small payouts, even for huge wins. 

New members predominantly suffer from this. These players often make their first deposits and immediately enter the game without checking the minimum requirements. Go through the promotions page and see how much you can benefit and win, even as a new member.

Playing Without a Profit and Loss Limit

Before playing with and for money, playing your slots and learning the odds and benefits you can gain are essential. Start with free slots and learn the basics. Having a profit limit helps you know when the time has come for you to stop the game, which, if this is not done, will lead to the loss of vast sums of money.

On the other hand, a loss limit helps you appreciate the losses you make during the game without holding on to feelings of regret.


Losing online slot games is dependent on many reasons and not one. Avoid being a victim of loss at slot games by researching why previous players have incurred losses and how best to avoid these same mistakes.

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