Post Office Timings – Lunch & Working Hours

Post Office Timings

What all do you know about Post office timings, closing time or for that matter its lunchtime, It does not matter whether you have a little idea or not because we will discuss it all. The reason for the same is we are going to discuss all of it. Are you interested? If the answer is yes, then let’s get to know all about it.

Post office Timings in India

Post office banks are the first bank with a location at a post office, and it is also known as India Post Payments Banks. It is a public government bank that operates under the Department of Posts under the Ministry of Communications.

Indian Post Office assumes a significant part in a few official and individual works even today! Even though we are exceptional, the Postal Department has kept up its consistency.

The Director-General of Posts, New Delhi, regulates The Postal Department. India got separated into 16 postal circles under the postmaster general. Post Offices have also got characterized into three classifications, i.e., Head Post Offices, Sub-Post workplaces, and E.D. Branch Post Offices.

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It is essential to have a thought regarding Post Offices’ timings in India so that you could as needs be arranging your work and visiting the mailing station without hanging tight for extended periods or returning without accomplishing the work.

Let’s get to know about its timings in a bit of detail:

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Opening Time

All the existing account holders and people who already have a bank account wish to visit the bank regarding bank banking and non-banking deals can reach out to the bank from 9:00 am. The same routine gets followed even on Saturdays that is the bank opens at 9:00 am. As mentioned earlier, you can reach out to the bank officials on the bank premises for any bank-related work.

Closing Time

All the existing account holders and people who already have a bank account wish to visit the bank regarding bank banking, and non-banking deals can reach out to the bank till 5:00 pm. The total number of hours that the staffs work for the bank is 7 hours. During this period, they try their best to provide full cooperation to their customers. Now, if we talk about the closing time on Saturdays, then it’s the same as any other day.

Working Days

The bank has approximately 650 branches in total. All the annex across the country remains functional for all six days of the week, from Monday to Saturday. The timings of their working are 9:00 to 5:00 pm. And, it remains closed only on Sundays and for the full day.

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Note: Sometimes, a particular bank for a specific state may remain close in some states. It is because of the specific holidays in certain parts of the country.

Lunch Time

Next up, we have the timing of lunch. We must know about the timing of lunch as it will help us make the right schedule, allowing us to avoid time-related issues. Generally, the post-office lunch timing starts from 1:30 pm, which lasts till 2:30 pm. But, the thing here to note is that nowadays the bank timings have been made flexible for both the customers and the staff.

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In Conclusion

If you wish to stay away from the Post Office group and complete your work effectively, you should know the initial planning. Maintain a strategic distance from plans to visit the mail center not long before lunch hour. After the lunch break, the mail center will become exceptionally busy.

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Get a thought regarding the mail center in your locale and try to complete your work with no difficulty! You should likewise have the idea regarding the special seasons so you could set your pieces appropriately!

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