Reasons computers cannot effectively replace a good teacher

The Limitless Monkey Theorem says that if a monkey had an infinite amount of time and a typewriter, it could write all of Shakespeare’s works by pushing random keys on the keyboard. But, based on statistics, monkeys aren’t likely to write a Shakespearean masterpiece. To put it another way, everything is possible in theory but very unlikely to happen in real life.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem says that, in theory, a machine with a powerful enough neural network and set of algorithms could act as a good teacher, even though this is very unlikely. Even though artificial intelligence and online slots usa is getting better, cognitive scientist Aldwyn Cooper thinks that humans will always be better at teaching than machines.

1. Teaching is relational; not transactional

The most important thing a teacher can have is the ability to see students for who they are and who they can be, as well as the link (rather than the exchange) between the two. Building good relationships with students is one of the most difficult things a teacher has to do, but it is also very important to their learning.

Human interactions have a lot of subtleties that machines can’t copy. Knowing someone requires more than just remembering their name and birthday. Likeability in the classroom is a part of learning that AI can’t yet copy. Robots and other forms of computer communication are used to make human connections easier or faster, not to make or keep long-term connections.

To be an effective teacher, you need to know a lot about social situations and be able to build relationships. The idea is that technology can’t be used to teach well because it can only help people connect with each other.

  1. Empathy & Trust
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Researchers at Montreal’s McGill University found that empathy is essential. They found that teaching young babies empathy makes it easier for them to learn. Students, like adults, may require special care and attention. When a teacher stops, listens, and pays attention to a student, they are making an investment in their relationship. Empathy has been shown to lessen the bad effects of long-term stress, which is proof that it is important for academic and social success and real money casinos.

People need to feel like they belong to a group in order to do well. People can become close when they show sympathy for each other because they have been through something similar or the same thing. When you’re sad, your friends will be there for you, but don’t tell robots about your feelings because they don’t know what it’s like to be a person. If you say things like, “I’m sorry for your loss, I can only imagine how heartbroken you must be,” you’re probably not going to make any real connections with that person. Why? Because the robot didn’t feel anything, This place is sad because it doesn’t have any compassion and only has great programmes.

  1. Inspiration

Looking up to one’s instructor as a role model is a common human experience. If you talk to a successful person, you will almost always find out about the teacher who helped them get where they are now. More important than giving students facts is getting them excited about learning. Effective teachers think about not only what they are teaching, but also why and how they are teaching it. This way, they can spark their students’ interest and get to know them better. Teachers are told to learn how to inspire their students, but this is not a skill that can be predicted.

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Kids could be excited by a machine, but only a person could really move them (for proof, consider the curious “inspirational” posters and memes created by InspiroBot).

To help kids develop a sense of wonder and interest in their studies, it takes a skilled human teacher to set up the right environment. Because computers will never be like people, they will never be able to show information, do math, predict the future, or even act like people. So, artificial intelligence might be able to do some of the things a teacher does every day.

“Empathy is the key to a good environment for learning.”
Bob Sornson

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