Safest Payment Methods for Online Gambling in 2023


Protecting your identity when you visit an online casino is a priority for players. Your payment method can affect your privacy and security, especially with online casinos that pay real money

Payment options like cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfers have advantages and disadvantages when gambling online.

Because more casinos are popping up on the internet with generous signup bonuses, it can be hard to differentiate legitimate sites from rogue websites that want to steal your data. 

The gaming operator’s site should indicate that they are licensed and regulated in their jurisdiction or do an online search of the casino name to confirm its legitimacy through reviews. 

Skip sites with negative feedback and slow payouts to ensure timely deposits reach your bank account.  


E-wallets let you use digital currencies to make payments. The advantage is you can make deposits to your casino account when you want, and you have a convenient card with a sixteen-digit number that you can treat like a credit card. However, a disadvantage is e-wallets vary with withdrawals. 

Some e-wallets require third parties for transactions, while others charge high fees. Hence the ease of use can vary greatly. Because some e-wallets require vouchers, there might be extra steps to take, so verify on the casino website’s payment tab which e-wallets they accept. 

Another concern is withdrawals. Only some casino sites will let you make withdrawals back to your e-wallet.

Examples include: 

  • CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, AliPay, Dwolla
  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay
  • Walmart Pay, Vodafone M-PESA
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Credit and Debit Cards 

Credit and debit cards are ideal for online banking. However, do an online search to verify that you are on a legitimate site. Some banks will limit refunding losses after 24 hours if you do not contact their fraud department ASAP. Most credit card companies will help you if you experience a loss, and you can freeze your card for suspicious activity. 

Another tip is if you use a debit card, only make transactions with a VPN to encrypt and protect your data. 

Advantages of credit and debit cards include ease of use. Most sites let you instantly load money to your site and cash out within a day or two. 

Drawbacks include minimal fees, and some sites will not let you make payouts back to your card. Some banks will not let you use your card for online casinos, but this varies by bank.


  • Explanation of what cryptocurrency is
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency for online gambling
  • List of popular cryptocurrencies for online gambling

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized ledgers. As a type of digital currency, they allow people to make payments anonymously. Because you can use cryptos without giving your identity, more gamblers are playing with this popular payment method. 

A major benefit of cryptocurrencies is online casinos offer cash match bonuses and separate crypto offers. Ranging from 50% to 250% and higher, that is even more cash to gamble with. The other incentive is that casinos allow instant deposits and withdrawals and do not charge fees when using cryptos.

A drawback with cryptocurrencies is that your transactions are non-refundable if you make a mistake in loading your funds. Hence, it helps to ensure you have the correct numbers when making transactions.

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Examples include: 

  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance
  • Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
  • Dash, Tether, USD Coin, XRP
  • Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are traditional payment methods that casinos accept. Players can transfer money through a wire transfer directly from their bank account to their bank account, and some sites let you transfer payouts back to your bank account. 

The advantage is moving large sums of money. However, it comes with disadvantages. 

There are fees for bank transfers not from the casinos but from the banks themselves. Your bank might also take 1-3 days for transfers to clear, and you have to fill out forms for tax purposes.

To bank safely, use a VPN when sending your routing number and only use legitimate and verified sites. Confirm the fees and timeframes on the casino website to avoid unexpected delays.

Final Words

With several payment methods that casinos accept, find the one that is best for you. Bank transfers are the slowest, and your bank will record transactions for tax season. 

Cryptocurrencies let you remain anonymous and access lucrative bonus match money from casino signup offers. 

While e-wallets are popular, confirm that you can make a straight transaction without a third party. Credit and debit cards are reliable but always use a VPN with a debit card to protect your funds. 

Lastly, when visiting casinos, check their About Us page to confirm they are licensed and regulated. 

A visit to their Payments page will confirm which payment methods they accept and any fees, while exploring their Promotions tab lets you know which offers can give you even more money to wager with!

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