SBI Debit card Activation – SBI PIN Generation online

sbi debit card activation

SBI ( State bank of India ) is the largest Public Sector Bank in India. Headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra it is a Government Corporation Statutory Body. SBI provides a range of Banking Products through its Online Banking Portal so that Customer Don’t need to visit Bank. From SBI Debit card activation to New Debit card Request, Customers can Avail the number of banking services Available in SBI Net banking.

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Getting a New Debit card is Always Exciting But You can not use Your Debit card Without Activation. It Is Very important to know how to Activate Your debit card for the First time. The Avoid the Hassel of Visiting Bank to Activate and Generate PIN, You can Follow the Steps for SBI ATM card activation.

In this article, I have shown You how to Activate Your SBI Debit card online. So If you are also a Customer of SBI and Want to Know More about sbi debit card activation online then you are at the Right Place.

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Follow The Steps Below For SBI Debit card Activation online

  1. Visit the official Internet banking Website of SBI & log in to your account using the User ID and Password.
  2. Select E-Services and Then ATM Card Services From the Menu.
  3. Now a New Page will open Where You have to select the New ATM Card Activation option.
  4. Select the Account for which you have applied for the Debit card, Enter Your New ATM card Number and Click on Activate.
  5. A new page will open Where You have to verify the details and click on Confirm.
  6. Now You will receive an OTP ( One time Password ) on Your Registered Mobile Number. Enter the OTP and Click on Confirm.
  7. A Message Will Display on Screen that “ATM card Has been Successfully Activated”
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Now Once You have Activated Your Debit card online, Now you have to Generate PIN For Your SBI ATM card. SBI Debit card PIN Can be Generate online Through Net Banking or You can Also Generate it through ATM or SMS Banking. You can follow the Steps Below for SBI PIN Generation.

Steps for SBI PIN Generation online Through SMS 

  1. Send an SMS PIN<xxxx><yyyy> From Your Registered Mobile Number.
  2. After Sending the SMS You will receive an OTP ( One time Password ) which can be Use to Generate a PIN From Your Nearest SBI ATM.

Note – In the Place of XXXX Provide the last Four Digits of Your Debit card. In the Place of YYYY Provide the last 4 Digits of Your Account Number.

How to generate SBI Debit card PIN Through ATM 

  1. Go to Your Nearest SBI ATM
  2. Swipe Your card and Select the option PIN Generation
  3. Now Enter Your Account Number.
  4. Enter Your Registered Mobile Number and Re-enter it to Confirm the Number.
  5. Now You will receive an OTP on Your Registered Mobile Number.
  6. Use the OTP for SBI ATM PIN generation Through ATM.

SBI ATM PIN Generation Through IVR 

  1. Call on 18004253800 or 1800112211 From Your registered Mobile Number.
  2. Enter Your 16-Digit Debit card Number when You asked to Do so.
  3. Enter Your Account Number.
  4. Now You will receive an OTP on Your Registered Mobile Number. Use this OTP for SBI ATM PIN Generation.

How To Generate SBI Debit card PIN Through Internet Banking?

  1. Visit the official net Banking Website of SBI.
  2. Login to Your Account using the User ID & Password.
  3. Click on E-services and Select ATM card Services.
  4. Select ATM PIN Generation
  5. Continue and Complete the Process to Generate Your PIN online.
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In Conclusion – 

This is How You can complete the SBI Debit card activation and SBI ATM PIN Generation Online and Offline. Please note that the PIN Your Receive on Your Registered Mobile Number through SMS is not an Actual PIN. You have to use that PIN to Generate Your SBI Debit card PIN Through Your Nearest SBI ATM.

Also, SBI Employees Never Ask for Your PIN on the Phone or Through Email. Be aware of This Kind of Fraud. If You ever Face Such Problem always Contact Your Branch for Details.

I Hope I have Cleared all your Queries related to SBI debit card activation & SBI ATM PIN Generation. If You have any doubt related to the same, You can Share contact with SBI Customer Care Here or You can Share with us in the comments below. We will get back to You as soon as possible. 

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