Selling Your House Through A Cash Buyer: How the Process Works

Selling your house no longer has to be challenging and frustrating. In addition, you don’t have to wait for months to make the sale. Imagine selling your house within days without middlemen or incurring extra costs like inspection or repair costs. Selling your house through a cash buyer makes this possible.

They do all the hard work by assuming legal and financial roles. In addition, they buy your house in its current condition, meaning you do absolutely nothing to the house before the sale. Unlike traditional listings, a cash buyer allows you to get the entire amount from the sale, where up to 7% of the closing price covers the process costs. Here is how the process works if you are considering a cash buyer for your house.

1. Request an Offer

The first thing to do is request an offer. We buy houses for cash, but you must first fill out a simple form with certain details about your house. Alternatively, you can call through a toll-free number, and one of the company’s professionals will assist you in booking a free consultation and scheduling a house tour. It is important to have your house information ready, like when it was built and any renovations made. The company’s appraisers will consider the market value of your house and provide an offer estimate.

2. Schedule an Appraisal

Once you receive an offer, one of the company’s certified home inspectors will schedule a house tour and inspection at the best time. We buy houses for cash but need a better idea of your house’s value in its current condition. That is why a home tour is necessary. A cash buyer buys houses as-is, and you dont need to spend money doing costly repairs before selling.

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3. Get a Final Offer

After the home inspector gives their evaluation report, the buyer gives you a final written offer. However, they try to give you the best value for your house by using a simple formula. Although we buy houses for cash, your representative should explain the pricing and evaluation criteria used to arrive at the final offer.

4. Choosing a Closing Date

Once you are satisfied with the final offer, you can choose a closing date for sale. A cash buyer closes the deal on your timeline. The date will depend on whether you need the money urgently to reduce debt, plan for your move, or extra time to pack your items. When you accept the offer, the buyer immediately moves into escrow with a state-regulated escrow company or closing attorney and can complete the selling process within ten days. Also, you will not incur any closing costs. So you can complete your paperwork confidently.

5. Receive Payment

After all the paperwork is done, your house sale is successful, and you get your check. A cash buyer has the money ready, and you don’t need to endure the long process associated with a traditional listing.


We buy houses for cash in their current conditions. Whatever your reason for selling, consider a cash buyer, and sell your home in less than two weeks. You get a competitive offer while minimizing additional costs.

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