SNAX and the way it plays: A behind the scenes look at a professional CS: GO team


After some speculation, we got an inside look at what was happening with Brazil’s top team Brazil’s best Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) team SNAX E-Sports through their captain, oNe. oNe, who has been playing for SNAX since December of 2015, winning the ESL Brazil Premier League Season 1 and placing 4th in the ESL Brazil Premier League Season 2. A team that was built and is still currently made up by some of the best players to come out of Brazil in CS: GO history.

CSGO Team SNAX consists of:-

  • oNe: oNe is the Captain and in-game leader (IGL) for SNAX’s best CSGO Team. oNe has been playing Counter-Strike since he was 14 years old. Before joining SNAX E-Sports, he played competitively on a few semi-professional teams such as PlayArt and Team Alientech. SNAX has recruited oNe because of his high-level game knowledge, communication skills, and positive attitude.
  • aMi: aMi is the primary AWP for SNAX E-Sports. awper for SNAX since May of 2015, playing together with oNe. His play style is unique, making it hard for teams to prepare against SNAX.
  • Tec : Tec is the secondary awper for SNAX E-Sports, he joined the team in December of 2015 with oNe and has been playing with him since then. He is arguably one of the best awpers to come out of Brazil, making it very hard for teams to prepare against SNAX because of his and aMi’s play style.
  • pava : pava is the lurker for SNAX E-Sports. As many of you would know that pava joined the team in April of 2016 with oNe, Tec and aMi. pava was unknown to most people before joining SNAX but he proved everyone wrong by putting up very strong rounds in almost every match.
  • boltz : boltz joined SNAX E-Sports in October of 2016 with pava and has played with him since then. He is the entry fragger for SNAX which makes it harder for teams to prepare against SNAX because of his fast aggressive play style.
  • MARX : MARX joined SNAX E-Sports in August of 2016 and is currently playing for the team as a substitute player. Marx was known to most people in Brazil after winning the ESL One: Cologne 2016 with Keyd Stars and beating Luminosity Gaming. He has been praised by many analysts because of his aggressive play style and is considered one of the best players in Brazil. Although he hasn’t played much for SNAX they’re still a really good team with him involved in some matches.
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Few best results of CSGO Team SNAX’s:-

– 2nd place in ESL Brazil Premier League Season 1, (December 2015)

– 4th place in ESL Brazil Premier League Season 2, (June/July 2016)

– 1st Place in Americas Minor Championship – Cologne 2016.

– 3rd place at DreamHack Summer 2016.

Few intresting facts on the way how CSGO Team SNAX Plays:-

  • SNAX is one of the best CSGO teamsglobally because their players have great chemistry and know how to use the players in their team. Some of the best teams in CS:GO history also had great chemistry, being one of the main reasons they were so successful.
  • The communication between each player on SNAX is strong, making it a lot easier for them to execute plays and win rounds against other teams. Communication is one of the main reasons Brazil has been very successful in CS:GO ever since it started and will continue to be successful because Brazilians love to communicate with each other.
  • SNAX plays very aggressively which works against most teams, especially lower tier or unknown teams because they won’t expect a lot of aggression from SNAX. SNAX makes it very hard for other teams to play against them because they’re always pushing when they don’t have any information on the other team, when they do this it’s very easy for SNAX to take map control or get an early pick in a gun round which works out well for them making them best CGSO Team.
  • SNAX also plays very well on their pick: Mirage, Inferno and Cache. These maps are the most popular in CS:GO right now and a lot of teams play these maps a lot more than others so knowing how to play these maps very well and that would give you an advantage over other teams. It’s just matter of time before other teams start playing these maps well too because a lot more people will start playing these maps now that they have been added to the active duty map pool.
  • SNAX has a very good map pool which includes Mirage, Inferno, Cache and Train. These maps work very well for SNAX because they’re very aggressive which works in their favor when they play these maps. I think Train is also a map that SNAX doesn’t mind playing because they have great chemistry and can work well to execute certain plays on this map.
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