Study about the controller general accounts of India

India’s accounts matter a lot to balance expenditures and national investment. So, we have Ministry of Finance for the same, that look after such issues.  Currently as of 2022, Sonali Singh is the holds the position of Controller General of Accounts CGA of India.

In India, accounting and auditing are two distinct activities and hence one authority or department looks after those activities. Although there is a discussion in the Indian Parliament among the different union-executive but every budget and accounting is done by the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) and the CGA. However, the role of CGA is limited to maintaining a good financial reporting system of India and comes under the Finance Ministry. One the other hand, CAG is responsible for doing all auditing activities.

So, what all responsibilities is of CGA in our nation, read this post to get your answer. First, let’s have a look for administrative powers that CGA provides in the office.

Office of CGA (Controller General of Accounts)

  • The CGA (Controller General of Accounts) takes the in charge of administrative duties that enhances the Indian National Management Accounting System. This Accounting department leads in the Indian Finance Ministry by performing auditing activities.
  • The CGA organization leverages all IT resources and understands the digital transformation in the nation. So, looking over ICT (information and communications technology) penetration in the market the organization provide nation-oriented blueprint.
  • The main motto of CGA is to ensure the transparency in public funds and provide all government-wide financial information to public. They make most of integrated information system to accomplish this task.
  • The CGA Office drafts annually and monthly analysis reports of Central Government’s fiscal activities like revenues, expenditure, and borrowings.
  • In the Article 150 of Indian Constitution, the Constitution demands Annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Union Finance Accounts in front of the Parliament. The CGA plays a crucial role over here as well.
  • Overall, the focus is on delivering client’ oriented and enhance the operation efficiency in all public financial management systems’ channels.
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CGA: Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • According to the Allocation of Business Rules 1961, here are some crucial duties that a CGA has to right to perform.
  • Developing different government accounting principles, revision of rules and account management manuals to State and Union Government of India.
  • They also reconcile Union Government’s cash balance in the Reserve bank of India and reserve deposits that Civil ministries have.
  • The office is adhered to Central Civil Accounts Offices and supervise sufficient accounting measures that are helpful in national welfare.
  • The CGA office also prepare revenue receipts of Union and State’s expenditures. These include annual account summary, Union Government’s annual receipts and their disbursements.
  • They also look after National treasuries of Central Government Account under the Receipt and Payment Rules 1983.
  • Assisting and coordinating the management account system’s implementation in different Civil departments or Ministries.
  • Group A and Group B cadre management of Central Civil Accounts Offices is look after the CGA office.
  • Pension disbursement matters for all Central Civil Pensioners, Court Judges, Former MPs and Presidents and Group C and Group D Central Civil Accounts staff are look after the CGA office.
  • Remember that every Indian Ministry takes the advice of CGA office to introduce new schemes and policies whether they are economically good or not.
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