The 8 Best Universities in England for International Students

The assertion that only the rich can afford to study in England is nothing more than a myth. Despite the rather high cost of studying, British universities give scholarships to foreign students to help pay for education and living in the country.

What does it take to get one of these scholarships? First of all, it is important to have excellent academic performance. Secondly, to actively participate in the life of the university and show leadership qualities. Each university has its own selection criteria for future scholarship holders, among which you can be!

Where can you get this scholarship? Here are some educational institutions in England offering scholarships and grants for talented students from other countries …

University of East Anglia UEA, Norwich

The University of East Anglia is one of the most innovative and top research universities in the country, offering students comfortable living on a picturesque campus and quality education in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and medicine.

Vice Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

A 25% or 50% reduction in tuition fees is awarded to the best foreign first-year undergraduate students who apply. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit.

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Final Year Undergraduate Continuation Scholarship

Top-performing international students who complete their Bachelor’s degree at UEA and continue on to their Master’s degree after no more than 6 months are eligible for a scholarship of 50% of the cost of their Master’s degree. Here is  jobs for indians in Saudi Arabia.

Santander Postgraduate Scholarship

The £5,000 scholarship is awarded to the best students from Russia and a number of other countries enrolled in academic master’s programs at the University of East Anglia.

University of Kent, Canterbury

As a distinctly international institution, the University of Kent educates many international students, offers educational options abroad, and has a number of international awards and quality ratings.

International Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

For foreign students admitted to the first year of undergraduate studies, the university offers scholarships of £5,000. Financial assistance is provided to students with the best academic performance.

Sports Scholarships

For multi-sport students, the university provides scholarships of £300-5,000, which also give free access to various sports opportunities, fitness programs and coaching services.

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is located on the English Channel and is one of the best young universities in England. The university actively attracts international students and invests heavily in teaching equipment, offering education in fields ranging from the arts to business and law.

PassPort Bursary

Students from Russia and a number of other countries enrolled in any university degree programs worth £12,000 per year receive scholarships in their first year that reduce tuition fees by 10%.

Santander Scholarship

Between four and six £5,000 scholarships per year are awarded to international students enrolled in any of the university’s full-time master’s programmes. Assistance is provided to students with the highest academic performance.

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University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

The University of Hertfordshire is a large multidisciplinary university with over 30,000 students and programs in business, art and design, science, engineering, medicine and more. Representatives of 120 nationalities study at this university, located near London, so the educational institution is included in the 20% of the most international universities in the world.

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships of £1,000-2,000 are automatically awarded to international students enrolled in their first year of undergraduate or graduate studies who have written the best motivational essays on admission, describing their interest in learning, motivation and plans for the future.

UH Graduate Scholarships

Top-performing international students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hertfordshire and decide to continue their studies at a master’s program are awarded a scholarship that reduces tuition fees by 20%.

Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester

Where to get a good agricultural education in England? The Royal Agricultural University offers students from all over the world not only quality education, but also practice on real farms and agricultural land, as well as assistance in finding employment in partner companies in different countries. The university is known for its strong research base and relevant programs in various fields, including agribusiness, sustainable development, horse breeding and ecology.

Vice Chancellor’s Overseas Excellence Scholarships

First-year undergraduate international students with high academic achievement, extra-curricular activity and leadership qualities are awarded scholarships of £1,000 per annum for up to three years. To receive a scholarship to a university, you need to submit an appropriate application.

University of Westminster, London

Life and education in London are not cheap, so the capital’s University of Westminster strives to support its students at all stages of education. University students study in the heart of London and have access to a wide range of programs, the most popular of which are courses in journalism, media, public relations and business.

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Westminster 175 Scholarship

For top-performing Master’s students from Russia and a number of other countries, the university provides scholarships of £3,500 to study at the university.

Westminster Part-fee Scholarship

Based on high academic achievement and need for financial aid, the university also awards four scholarships of £3,000 to international graduate students.

University of Lincoln, Lincoln

Lincoln University was founded by Queen Elizabeth II herself, and today this university is considered one of the most progressive, innovative and international educational institutions in England. Being multidisciplinary, the university offers programs in all possible academic fields, as well as attractive internship and employment opportunities abroad.

Science & Arts Scholarship

International students entering an undergraduate program in arts, design or science are automatically eligible for a scholarship of £1,500. Scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic performance and need for financial assistance.

International Alumni Scholarships

Scholarships of £2,000 are offered to high-performing students who have already earned a degree from Lincoln University and decide to continue their studies at this university.

Falmouth University, Falmouth

Falmouth University is a creative university in a picturesque coastal city that brings together students of different nationalities studying arts, music, fashion, design, photography, film, journalism, architecture and many other disciplines.

International Scholarship & International Travel Scholarships

For international undergraduate students who need financial assistance to study and develop their creative potential, the university provides general scholarships (in the amount of £5,000) and study travel scholarships (in the amount of £500). Scholarships are awarded based on merit, merit and financial need.

Quality and reputation, traditions and progressiveness – all this attracts students from all over the world to the best English universities. British higher education has many features:

  • an endless variety of curricula;
  • impeccable technical equipment of universities;
  • maximum practical experience and internship;
  • the richest libraries;
  • attention to the development of moral qualities in students;
  • famous scientists and excellent teachers as teachers;
  • opportunities for self-learning, independence in drawing up a study schedule;
  • individual approach and system of personal mentoring;
  • developed system of student unions, societies and interest clubs;
  • attention to foreign students.

For these reasons, universities in England are chosen by more and more people.

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