Things to Consider When Storing Jewelry in a Safe Deposit Box


You have invested a lot of money in your jewelry. You hope your children and their children will one day enjoy the fantastic collection. But beyond aesthetics, jewelry is an asset that will continue to appreciate over time. The investment value of such can be a way to secure your future. 

Diamonds, for instance, are a better investment asset class than stocks or shares. Their prices are pretty stable. This is not like in the case of the others, whose value depends on market fluctuations. Further, you can enjoy using the jewelry instead of having the wealth on paper. 

Safe jewelry storage is critical, and a safe deposit box can be the perfect solution. 

Read on to discover some critical factors to consider when storing your prized pieces in the box. 

Safety Deposit Boxes: What Are They?

A safety deposit box is pretty much like the safe in your house. The only difference is that it is in the bank or credit union. You rent the box for however long you need to use it. 

A home safe is not a 100% assurance of safety. Burglars can hold you hostage until you share the password. That in itself exposes your family and indeed yourself to danger. 

A safe deposit box within the bank premises means you benefit from the bank security. It can be a great relief knowing that your high-value jewelry is in a secure location, even if outside of the home. 

When sourcing for a safety deposit box, pay attention to what type of security the facility offers. They should, for example, have 24-hour surveillance. This should complement other measures, thus assuring you of tight security.

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But there are other things you need to consider.  


A significant downside to safety deposit boxes is accessibility. You can only do so within operating or business hours. So let’s say you have stored your diamond rings for your upcoming Saturday wedding. 

But, we all know the hustle and bustle of getting everything organized. So, it escapes your mind to pay a visit to your safety deposit box on Friday. Well, unless you have a pretty good relationship with the bank manager, you may not have wedding rings during the ceremony.  

Do not store any jewelry you may need at a moment’s notice. You can store an heirloom that you only wear on very special occasions. But, that diamond tennis bracelet that adorns every weekend outfit would be better off in the home safe. 

Access Privileges

The usual access privileges belong to you as the safe deposit box owner. Most boxes will require the bank guard key and your key. But it is crucial that you assign access privileges to someone you trust as well. It could be your spouse, heir, or someone who has power of attorney. 

Be careful about who you give access privileges to. The bank does not provide insurance for the items in your safe deposit box. Indeed whatever you store is at your own risk. The institution will not accept any liability for whatever happens, including theft. 

Please ensure that you take the necessary insurance as an extra safeguard. If you take homeowners insurance, ask the underwriter if it covers any items you store outside the home. They may have a provision requiring you to pay a little extra to get coverage.   

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Jewelry Storing Tips

Please have the following in mind when storing the jewelry.

  • Fabric lining is essential to avoid chipping or scratching the jewelry. This is especially important for gold, gemstones, and other soft metal. The best material to go for is velvet. But any other soft material can suffice.
  • Avoid knotting of chains by hanging them. 
  • Put like-materials together to avoid scratching. Do not, for example, put platinum next to gold bracelets. Store your delicate gemstones away from metal. Diamonds are tough and can scratch any material that is next to them. A good idea is to separate them with a bag or case. The same applies to pearls, which are very soft, thus making them prone to damage due to improper storage. 
  • Anti-tarnish strips are critical for silver jewelry to avoid tarnishing. They will absorb air pollutants that can dull the finish on the pieces.
  • When storing strands of pearls, ensure they do not come in contact with each other. So, hanging may not be a very good idea. The force of gravity will also weaken the silk. The best way to store them is to lay them down flat. If stacking them is the only option, separate multiple strands with a padded liner. 
  • Check that the safe deposit box does not have any humidity or dampness. This could lead to discoloration. The same applies to extreme heat that will result in discoloration. Gemstones can crack due to dryness. The best environment is low humidity and room-temperature conditions. A good idea is to include desiccant packs to absorb excess moisture. The other option is to use an electronic dehumidifier if the bank allows for this. 
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Please take photographs of the jewelry you have put in the safe deposit box. In case of anything, such documentary evidence can prove helpful. You can be sure that the insurance company, for instance, will need such before settling any claims. 

Please ensure total disclosure to the facility on what you intend to store in the safe deposit box. Some banks have limitations on what they will accept. Don’t contravene their rules by slipping in some pieces while knowing they do not allow for such.  

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Final Thoughts

A safe deposit box provides an ideal solution for storing jewelry. You can rent one at the local bank or credit union. Take time to find out what security measures they have in place. 

Make sure you assign access privileges to at least one other person that you trust. If you cannot get to the storage box, someone else can do it on your behalf. 

Use the tips we have shared when storing the jewelry in the box. You want to keep them in optimal conditions, so they do not lose value. Tarnishing, discoloration and chipping can result from improper storage. 

Finally, consider it an investment to insure the pieces. Banks will not give coverage for such items. 

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