Top 5 Video Trimmer Tools For Windows In 2022

Video Trimmer Tools

Video editing is a crucial part of video production. If videos are published without editing, no one would like to view them. So, it is crucial to use the right kind of video editing software that can meet the current needs of video production.

The latest addition of technology has simplified the video editing task, and professional editors found it easy to edit the videos with various tools that are available online. The advanced editing software has made the video editing process like child’s play, and even beginners can edit the video without much hassle. Gone are those days when editing only belonged to the movie industry. Since video content has boosted the demand for video production, the editing task also has been simplified by the latest tools.

Requirement of video trimmer

Trimming videos is one of the most crucial parts of the video editing task. Video editors have several tasks to perform. They are responsible for de-clutter the raw footage, assembling, cutting where needed, inserting captions, choosing audio, and patching it where needed, along with color grading. Needless to mention, trimming is the most crucial part of video editing, and without this action, nothing can be expected from the raw footage. When it comes to omitting the unwanted part of the video, that can be done through a video trimming tool.

Since you know that a video trimming tool is necessary for editing your video, this is the right time to choose an appropriate video trimming tool that can make the job done. Unfortunately, it is very common to rely on a tool that you may end up regretting in the long run.

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This article lists the best video trimmer that will be capable of running in your Windows. With an online video trimmer, there will be no need to install them on your computer and no need for any hardware enhancement. So, they are easy to use rather than offline trimming tools.

5 top online video trimmers to try out 

1.  MiniTool movie maker

No matter which parts of your video you want to remove or want to cut the big video file into smaller ones, everything is possible with MiniTool Movie Maker. This outstanding software allows the users to trim the video or audio without losing any quality. Whether you want to trim video or audio, everything is possible with this software without losing quality. Make a long video file assembling several small footages by this program. The best part is that it can easily run on Windows and delivers an outstanding result that will rightly meet your video editing needs.

Apart from trimming videos, it helps to adjust brightness, audio level, and different functions that a video editor needs to make the video free from any flaws. These are a few additional features that video editors grab after installing this app. The functions of this app are so simple that even a beginner can use it without any additional or technical help.

2.     Windows 10 photos app

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a hidden video editor that can rightly make a great contribution to your video editing task without any hassle. There is no need to use any additional app to make suitable videos, and using this app is completely easy. You can even have it create the videos automatically and help make outstanding slideshows and small videos according to your own.

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If you want to use the simple and user-friendly interface without any additional video editing app, then this is the right time to use this inbuilt app. It helps to create the albums automatically and comes with a great photo browsing and searching feature. So, Windows 10 users don’t have to barge in for further video editing apps.

3.  InVideo

InVideo is another popular and convenient online video trimmer that can deliver outstanding results without any charge. Additionally, there are some other advantages to get from this video editing application.

This is a browser-based editing platform, and it helps to edit your videos anywhere in any system. This is because there is no need to upgrade the system hardware to run this program. Instead, you can only browse it and use it. Therefore, there is no need for any type of download and installation process; plus, users don’t have to face any type of action for copyright violation.

Since it is an online program, you can use that without any cost and trim your videos following simple steps that even a first user would know better. In addition, the extract files maintain high quality and are capable of being downloaded in various formats.

4.  Windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular video editing apps used globally. It is both developed and marketed by Microsoft and capable of delivering outstanding results whether you want to assemble, trim, add audio on video or make slideshows. Everything can be done with this single application and can deliver the best possible result that can meet the current standard. In addition, this app edits videos and publishes them on various video-sharing platforms.

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A user can only import a video file and click on it to trim the desired part of the video. The extracted files will rightly be stored in your system for further use.

5. YouTube video editor

Being the biggest video-sharing platform, YouTube helps users use its online platform to trim the videos before uploading. To use this online video editor, you have to sign in to YouTube using your Google account like you do for instagram and select the videos you want to trim. Then, after appearing in the videos, click on the title or thumbnail on the video that you wish to trim. In this way, you can select which part of the video to trim.


Trimming videos is one of the crucial parts of the video editing process that is why video trimmer could be a top tool to work effectively. You should use an online video trimmer to get this job done without downloading and installing the video trimmer separately. 


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