Tricks to protect Bitcoin crypto

The crypto market is getting hyped with each passing day. We all know that crypto does not have any physical existence. Bitcoin is a virtual concept used for various purposes like money transfer, investment, and trading. Cryptocurrency has given tremendously considerable benefits to many of its investors. But the crypto market is still new and needs to grow more, and it is also regularly gaining people’s trust. Investing in crypto is not rocket science you can get more information about reason behind choosing bitcoin. You can easily make investments through the financial app, crypto exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, and traditional brokers. Crypto has also become the highest-growing asset, and many conventional and stock buyers are moving towards crypto investments due to its high returns.

One of the most hyped cryptocurrencies in the virtual market is Bitcoin, which was created in 2008 on a white paper and later issued digitally in 2009. By an anonymous identity, Satoshi Nakamoto. Crypto has become the largest market capitalization virtual currency, followed by ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies. The popularity of Bitcoin has inspired many different cryptocurrencies to develop, and some of the other competitors of Bitcoin came to the market and helped to replace the payment system in a fully digitalized manner.

Top ways to secure your Bitcoin

Use two-factor authentication for your exchange

Refrain from trusting your exchange security where you have stored your crypto investments. You must use two-factor authentication passwords to withdraw and add crypto investment to your respective crypto wallet. One of the safest things you can do after purchasing cryptocurrency is turn on two-factor authentication to buy and sell Bitcoin from your crypto exchange app. It requires an input code from your smartphone with every crypto Withdrawal. It is not a significant thing that provides better security, but it can let you take your cryptocracy to a safer side. Using two-factor authentication can save you from losing cryptocurrency if a hacker gets access to your account.


Use an authenticator app.

If you are investing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, use an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator with its two-factor authentication. Using an authenticator app makes crypto investments safer than using only two-factor authentication. These apps do not use any SMS or mail with an OTP, making your investments more secure because if an attacker or hacker gets access to your account, he can still withdraw crypto investments if they transfer your phone services and have a look over the received messages.

Withdraw your crypto

The exchange you are using has millions of dollars of crypto stored. It has become a reliable source for hackers and cyber attacks. There is a probability that scammers can target your crypto investments from a particular crypto exchange. One of the best ways to avoid attacks and hacks is to withdraw your cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange as soon as possible. You can transfer your cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange to a bullet on your PC and other security hardware for getting better security. You can purchase other security options available in the market for the safety of your crypto investments.

Back up your seed words properly

Suppose you have downloaded a wallet software and have completed setting it up on your PC or laptop. You will immediately come up with a problem that needs to be clarified where you can get help if you have backed up your seeds word correctly. 

What is a seed word?

A seed word is a set of observations known as the secret recovery phase or master key. A series of talks can be used cryptographically to back up your account keys.

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If you are a new crypto user and have recently joined the virtual market, you may need to remember the essential passwords and backups required for setting up your seed software. You may get help by taking screenshots of every password. But these are not safer, and you must be careful while storing your seed word.

Use a strong password.

Using a strong password can help you to secure your crypto investments. Do not involve any phone number, name or birth date of your relatives or loved ones. Use a strong password with a capital letter, numerals, unique gestures and other required details. The hackers must not be able to read your seed words. And make sure that no one except you knows your crypto investments’ password.

Use a different password for your wallet.

Do not use the same password for your crypto exchange app and investment wallet where you have stored your whole crypto holdings. Many investors need help remembering passwords, as they use the same password for their crypto exchange and wallet. It ensures that if you lose your crypto exchange password, there are no chances of losing your crypto investments due to using another strong password.


  can use some of the ways you mentioned above in the article to make your Bitcoin investment safe and secure. If you invest heavily in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can purchase much different hardware and have robust security in the market. Due to the absence of government or regulatory authority in the crypto market, there are many more chances of hacks and regular cyber-attacks. On the other hand, you must be careful about Bitcoin price volatility and its pros and cons. Only invest some of your savings in purchasing Bitcoin, as it can lead you to draw into losses. Do get the required knowledge before getting into the market. It does not ensure you earn maximum profit but can save you from huge losses.

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