Types Of Slots Every Gambler Should Know About


Arguably the most played casino game, slots are widely available on every online gambling platform. This comes as no surprise seeing as this game is easy to play while simultaneously offering players a chance to win huge jackpots. For newbie punters looking to enjoy this high-paying game, the teen patti game collection is a good place to start. Moreover, several bonuses and promos can be claimed while playing slot machines.

A detail about this game that many are unaware of is that there are several variations to it. To get the most out of slots, it is important to understand the various types there are and how they work. In this write-up, the major forms of online slots shall be discussed. 

Classic Slot

The classic slot is the simplest variant of slot games and is otherwise called 3-reel slots. Classic slots are ideal for beginners looking to try their hand at online gambling. This is because it has simple rules that are easy to understand while ensuring that players enjoy an exhilarating experience.

In addition, this game is designed to come with generous and progressive jackpots. The basic rule to three-reels is that gamblers win a jackpot when they land three matching symbols along the same payline. Thus, winning big comes easily.

However, due to its limited number of reels, there is a restriction on the number of possible communications. Moreover, the variance of classic slots is considerably high which means that while it is very possible to win big, the probability of losing is also high. 

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Video Slots 

Video slots are another version of this game and they are likely the most played. Video slots, also called five-reels, are considered the antecedent of online slots since they require no levers to operate them. Players only need to press a button to activate them which is quite similar to land-based slot machines that come with video screens. 

Just as in three-reels, punters must match similar symbols to hit jackpots in five-reels. The main difference is that video slots allow more possible combinations and more paylines. As a result, there are higher chances of winning when playing this version. Also, with five-reels, player bets tend to last longer and there’s also a probability of hitting higher jackpots. 

Progressive Slots 

Another popular version of online slots is progressive slots, which are also known as progressive jackpots. This form of casino game is very popular since it offers the highest payouts among others. However, to play progressive jackpots, punters must stake the maximum wager, and there is usually little to no guarantee of success. Hence, it is not advisable for low rollers who have no stomach for high-risk games.

Progressive slots work in a way that integrates both five reels and three reels. Here, the maximum bet placed by every gambler contributes to a prize pool or progressive jackpot. This kind of slot game involves every punter playing the game and as such, the prize pool could get as high as millions. Therefore, playing progressive slots is quite similar to lottery gambling as the odds of winning are low. 

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Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Reality or VR slots are slowly gaining prominence in the gambling industry. Currently, many gambling platforms offer players a chance to have a virtual experience while playing slot games. To play VR slots, punters make use of special helmets or goggles which operate in sync with VR technologies like Razer OSVR, Samsung R, etc.

These virtual reality goggles allow gamblers to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. It provides a realistic experience that mimics actual casino environments. VR slots are not yet popular in casino gambling but the future looks promising. 


After all is said and done, gamblers must ensure they understand the working principles of each type of slot. Players can make use of free spins and other bonuses to test out each variant to determine the most suitable one for them. Happy gambling! 


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