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Are you the one looking forward to moving to a new city for educational or work purposes? Whomsoever you are, finding the flats for rent in Pune and selecting the perfect one can be a cumbersome process but not if you know the tips to find the best one. This guide will inform you about some vital things to check before renting a flat in Pune.

  • Research well the area: Whenever looking for flats on rent in Pune, consider shortlisting the areas having flats that provide proximity to your college or workplace, especially when your budget is low. Considering this point will help you save your traveling expenditure and also commuting time. However, the proximity of the neighborhood must not be the only factor to check. You should also check if the locality is equipped with well functional social infrastructure as it could affect your daily routine operations. Not only this but, you would also want to check if the area has enough CCTV cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of your belongings when not at home.
  • Physical inspection of the flat: Before finalizing a flat for rent in the city, it is crucial to undertake a physical visit to the particular flat. In case you are shifting to a fully furnished flat then check the condition of all the goods like furniture and appliances that are being provided by the owner. Make sure that plumbing, electrical, and sanitary fittings are in working condition and not damaged. Call plumbing Scottsdale to have the plumbing system checked. Run all taps and switch on all lights to see if everything is working fine. Also, note the readings of the meter before renting the flat to check the accuracy of the bills. Always check the doors, windows, and locks to ensure your safety at the flat.
  • Inspect the society: Along with the flat, you should also inspect everything about the society where you might live in the future. Check if there is a parking space in case you are moving your vehicle with you. Know about the pet policies. Ask the owner if there is a gym or pool in the society. What is the hygiene situation in society? Is the building old or newly constructed? Is the building equipped with CCTV cameras and has a watchman for safety? What is the crime rate of society? 
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Know your rights: A lease agreement provides the tenant with a limited number of rights over the rented flat. Knowing about these rights will make your living experience smooth at the rented flat. For instance, the owner of your rented flat in Pune does not have the right to interfere in your personal life and thus, can’t restrict any visitor visiting your home. Also, you have the right to leave and enter the flat at any time no matter how late is it. The owner can’t ask to vacate the flat until the termination of the rental agreement.

  • Lock-in period and rent increase percentage: The lock-in period should be clearly mentioned in the lease agreement between the renter and the owner of the flat. the lock-in period can be of any duration like six months, one year or two years, etc depending on both parties. Typically, the lock-in period mentioned in the rental agreement is one year. Also, when it’s the time of vacating the flat, notice period, adjustments in the advance deposit, bill payments, etc are discussed by both parties. This is the reason why the tenant needs to know about the lock-in period to clarify the confusion. The rent increase percentage must also be discussed beforehand. You should know at what rate and period the rental amount of the flat can be increased by the owner.
  • Consider the overall cost: You are not just required to pay for the monthly rent when moving to a rented flat in Pune. Many other expenses such as security deposit, maintenance charges, broker’s fee, etc are to be paid by you. When preparing the budget consider all these costs and then start looking for flats, accordingly.
  • Check the flat documents: Before signing the rental agreement for a particular flat in Pune either through the broker or directly from the owner, it is a must for you to know if the property is free of any legal issue or fraud. You should ask the owner to provide you with all necessary documents related to the flat like a chain of title transfer, last paid utility bills, the details about the last tenant who lived in the flat, etc to clear all your doubts.
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Wrapping up it all!

In case you are finding a flat for rent in Pune then you should definitely consider visiting stanzaliving. It is an online portal that helps the renters to look for the accommodations they can call home to. Here you can find a decent flat for rent in Pune by just sitting at your home. 

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