What Are The Most Important Things About Sending Money To Russia?


The number of different specialists from Russia is significantly increasing. This is not a surprise that many people need to send money to Russia for paying for different services or just to help their friends a little. 

But when the time comes, people face a lot of challenges and questions that make the overall process of money transferring a challenge. The main issue is the lack of knowledge. And our main goal in this article is to provide you with the main things you have to know before the start of a transaction. 

Commissions: How Much You Will Have To Pay?

The cost part is the most important for many people. While someone can easily accept delays, no one can accept extra costs for simply nothing. And everything is not that easy when you are sending money to Russia 

And this is the worst part you can face. The reason is simple. Due to issues with the modern banking system, a lot of Russian banks raised their commissions significantly. Some banks have a horrible policy that can take a pretty amount of money as the commission.

For this reason, you should ask your recipient to inspect banks in his country and find the best one. However, you can just use the same banking service to make everything more convenient. 

No Time To Save: Working With Delays

Delays are common for international transfers. They might be both short and long. But when you have to work with Russian banking, you have to be prepared for rather long delays. 

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The issue is not because you will use different services that will operate everything differently. Of course, such procedures will require some time, and there is no way to reduce them. However, there is one essential factor that makes all the work with Russian banking much longer. Volatility. 

Now, when we are talking about Russian banks, we can see that the currency is not that stable. Sometimes, the price of rubles starts increasing significantly, including different internal methods of supporting it. And while that happens, the exchange process will take more time. But such occasions are rare.

What About Currency?

The exchange is always a challenge. And there is an issue that different Russian banks set different prices. For example, if people want to buy 100 rubles, they will have to pay about $2, while buying $2 might cost them about 240-300 rubles.

This is why you have to use the same service without converting money. This way, you will send USD to your recipient, and he will be able to manage money the way he wants to. 

How To Make Transfer Experience Better?

The main piece of advice that will help you make your transfer experience much more convenient is to use the same service. When you and the person you send money to are clients of the same banking app, you will not only reduce the costs but will achieve the best transferring result.

So don’t miss your chance, and start saving your time and money without any difficulties.

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