What is the HDFC Full Form ?

HDFC Full Form

What is the Full form of HDFC Bank?

The HDFC Full form is “Housing Development Finance Corporation”. Headquatered in Mumbai, Maharastra the HDFC is the Largest Private Sector Bank in India. Established in 1994, the Bank has a Network of More than 5500 branches and 15,292 ATMs spread across 2,764 cities in the Country. 

The first corporate office and Full-Service Branch of HDFC Bank were opened at Sandoz House, Worli. HDFC was among the first Financial institute in which received an “in principle” approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It was for the incorporation of a Private Sector Bank in India. 

HDFC AIMs to contribute to the Indian Economy and Create a Good Business Environment in the Country. HDFC’s corporate social responsibility is all about to stand by countries Development with a Common Goal that contributes to Greater Goods. This was all about the HDFC Full Form. 

The Banks Business Model is Based on five Core Values which are Product Leadership, People and Sustainability, Customer Focus, and Operational Excellence. 

HDFC Bank Merger with Other Bank 

In 2008 the Centurion Bank of Punjab was Approved by Reserved Bank of India for Merger. This Amalgamation of CBoP with HDFC Bank benefited both the Bank with an Increase in Branch, Customer Base, and Skilled Manpower. 

In the Year 2000, a New Private Sector Bank Know as Times Bank Limited was Merged with HDFC Bank. This Merger was the First ever Merger of Two Private Sector Banks in India. 

As per Different Reports on Media, the Share Holders of Times Bank Received one Share of HDFC Bank for every 5.75 shares they Owned in Times Bank. 

HDFC Bank Business & Services 

HDFC offers Diverse Banking and Financial Services to its Customer which Includes Savings/Current Account, FD, RD, Internet banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, and Many More. 

Under the HDFC treasury Service, HDFC Bank also helps the Businesses to generate better Returns and Manage their Financial Risks Involved. 

HDFC Full Form 100% Justify its Name which is Housing Development Finance Corporation. Since Incorporation HDFC Has Been Expertise in Retail Mortgage Laon with Well Build Market Reputation. 

In Conclusion 

HDFC is Know for the Quality Service they offer in the Banking & Financial Sector of India. They are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and standards in the Indian Banking Sector. 

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