What to do if your home is damaged by a natural disaster

One of the worst things that can happen in life is being hurt by a natural disaster. Disasters like storms and forest fires can cause a lot of damage. You can get back to normal after a natural disaster if you have a plan for recovery and know how to start putting things back together. Bankrate has made a list to help you get back on your feet after a natural disaster that damages your home.

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1. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe

After a disaster, your top priority should be making sure you and the people you care about are safe. If something bad happens, try to leave as a group as much as you can. You should always know where your valuables and important papers are, and each member of your family should have a kit of emergency supplies on hand. If you have to keep them somewhere, an easy-to-open fireproof container is a great choice.

If you need to leave right away, you can use a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio to find shelters and medical facilities nearby. Think about how you can also keep your pets safe. If you don’t feel safe there, it’s likely not safe for them either. But not all shelters take dogs, so it’s important to find out ahead of time which ones do. Prepare an emergency food and supplies kit for your pet just like you would for your own family.

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2. Assess damages

After making sure your family is safe and getting home, you should look at how bad the damage is. Bring a notebook or your phone so you can keep track of the places that have been damaged. Another good idea is to take pictures. Depending on what kind of natural disaster hit your home, it could have a number of different problems. For example, an earthquake could crack your walls and even damage your foundation. A hurricane could damage your roof.

3. File a home insurance claim

If a natural disaster caused damage to your home, you should call your insurance company as soon as you can. Since there could be a lot of claims, the sooner they are filed, the sooner repairs can start. You can back up your claim with documents and images. Even if you think your home has been damaged but don’t know how bad it is, you should still call your insurance company. Your insurance company’s claims adjuster will look into your claim and do a more thorough assessment of the damage to your property.

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4. Make temporary repairs and find a contractor

Do any temporary repairs that are needed to protect your property and keep it from getting worse. Steps may need to be taken in the meantime to fix the damage, like stopping water from getting in through holes in the roof or preventing thieves from getting in through a door that has been blown off its hinges. Get more than one quote for any work that needs to be done, and watch out for contractors who raise their prices without warning when business is good.

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Before you leave, take anything valuable out of the house.

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