Who Is An Entrepreneur?


An entrepreneur is someone who starts and manages their own business.

It’s a person who organizes and operates a new business by taking risks. And it is also someone who creates something new, either a service, product, or initiative.

An entrepreneur is a creator, innovator, starter, driver, and a source of new thoughts, ideas, good services, and business. An entrepreneur is a person who understands the risk of starting a new venture. They are the important drivers of economic growth and innovation.

All entrepreneur shares very similar qualities that make them and their business successful. And all of these qualities are learnable. So, here are the common traits of an entrepreneur. How many of these match up to your own?

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The Foremost Qualities of Entrepreneurs

1. Self-discipline.

Self Discipline requires self-mastery, self-control, self-responsibility, and self-direction. The entrepreneurs can discipline themselves on what should be done and what should not be done.

They master patience and believe in efforts. They focus on their business, work, and goal. They eliminate the distractions standing in the way of their goals. They take steps every day to achieve their goals.

2. Confidence.

They don’t doubt that their hard work will pay off. They are devoted to creating value for people and believe the created value will drive their business to success.

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Having self-confidence in themselves and the future of the business is a great strength supply to their motivation. It keeps them working hard toward the goal and when they are successful with each and every small goal, their confidence adds up. Snowballed confidence.

They take risks because they are well aware of the correlation between risks and success. They are also humans that feel fear. But the confidence in themselves transitions the fear and anxiety into the joy of venturing out on something new. With their spirit of adventure, the uncharted areas are seen as full of possibilities to them and it makes them excited.

3. Passion.

Passion is the most important trait. It is something that drives an entrepreneur to take risks for their business growth. It gives them the reason to keep learning and move towards mastery.

 They love their work. They are willing to put extra effort, time, and thoughts into their business because they love what they are doing.

They want their business to succeed more than anything else.

4. Self Starter.

An entrepreneur starts his business on his own. Because if something is to be done they will start out, grab the work, and do it themselves.

They are proactive and don’t need anyone to sign off on their work. They don’t rely on someone else to make decisions.

Instead, they initiate things on their own and navigate their workload on their own. Because it’s their work, vision, and dream so they don’t like a situation where they would have to lean on someone else, instead of themselves.

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They are the person who is self-driven and who knows how to initiate their own work.

5. Future-Oriented.

Entrepreneurs have a vision and a goal to achieve, so they look and move toward the future.

If they fail or face problems in the present they know and believe that they will smooth it out and make it in the end.

A strong vision helps them accomplish their goals. They believe in change, creation, innovation, and the better future that they shape up.

Even if they have small businesses at the moment they believe that they will grow into prosperous enterprises in the future.

6. Open-Minded.

Successful entrepreneurs have an open mind. Being open-minded allows them to see more opportunities and solutions to problems from different angles.

They catch opportunities and come up with ideas in every event and situation. They are always sharp-eyed seeking knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

They always listen to the ideas of different people to understand new viewpoints. They see past their ego and ideologies to learn more and make effective plans.

7. Creativity.

Creativity is a must-have soft skill for an entrepreneur. It’s defined as the ability to come up with new ideas and solutions for existing or future problems, getting things done in a new way.

Entrepreneurs can succeed by thinking outside the box. Some of the famous examples of creative entrepreneurs are Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Walt Disney.

8. Leadership.

A successful entrepreneur is a great leader. They are capable of leading people and getting work done by them.

They use various methods like proper motivation, planning, and evaluation to lead people. They develop strong teamwork and build the confidence of people to achieve their goals.

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They don’t impose their decisions and thoughts on others. Instead, they inspire them and let them initiate in a more relaxed setting than pressure.

It’s their way to encourage their employees to maximize their creativity and proactivity. And in such environment, they find their own solutions to the problem which brings more productive results as a whole.

9. Perseverance.

never give up
Many people fail because they give up the very first difficulty and obstacle in their path.

That’s what differentiates a successful entrepreneur and a failure.

When an entrepreneur starts a business or anything new, they acknowledge they might fail. But it’s not the end.

They regard it as a lesson and a process for success, learning from the mistakes. And the pricelessly valuable lessons they obtain from failure are used as a great springboard for success.

Perseverance is also highly correlated with a positive mindset.

10. Communication Skills.

Good entrepreneurs maintain good relationships with people. And for that, they have amazing communication and interpersonal skills.

Communication skills in entrepreneurs include listening, nonverbal communication, empathy, friendliness, clarity, writing, debating, leading, presentation, negotiation, persuasion, etc.

They need effective communication skills to share their ideas and visions with the people, and to stay in great relationships with all the people that matter to the business.

11. Work ethic.

Entrepreneurs need a solid work ethic, and should never shirk their responsibilities.

A strong work ethic is the substrate of a successful entrepreneur, and those who take responsibility for their own tasks are inevitably going to succeed.

The employees are the reflection of the entrepreneur. Employees are highly influenced by their boss. And the entrepreneur’s devotion to work and strong work ethic are a great demonstration for the employees to follow the principles. Having a great work ethic as an entrepreneur is important in that sense too.

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