Why use the Trustly platform?


The convenience of payment execution has been maximized in the Trustly environment. Competition is extremely fierce in the field of modern payment methods. In order to survive – in the case of Trustly, to capture even a large market share – it is necessary to be innovative and bring your product to the limits of technical possibilities. Moreover, one of Trustly’s biggest trump cards is security. Top-level encryption and additional machine learning schemes are in place, which mitigate the risk of improper use and successful attacks by netizens. The benefit of Trustly is that no additional registration is required. The payment method acts as a bridge between the money in the account and the casino deposit account. In this respect, Trustly differs from e-wallets, in which a separate user must be opened. However, this does not mean that carrying money is somehow over the foot at Trustly. With each transaction, there is an automatic check to make sure that the bank account and online casino https://urugol.com/ account names match one-to-one. For amounts transferred through Trustly, the minimum deposit is 10 euros and the minimum withdrawal is 20 euros. From financial institutions you can use all the accounts of the largest banks in India: SEB, LHV, Swedbank and Luminor Nordea.

Did you know that the popularity of account-free casinos and Trustly grew hand in hand in India and nearby regions? The reason is that Trustly entries allow user verification to be made simultaneously with the deposit of money. Several account-free casinos in India use the Trustly platform to allow users to make their first deposit. In the course of the initial deposit, information is downloaded from the bank account and personal identification checks are carried out.

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In the process of providing this opportunity, Trustly has begun to cooperate with many domestic banks. Today you can find LHV, Swedbank, SEB and Luminor in the list of bank accounts supported by Trustly. In the future, however, even more providers may be added there. So far, COOP Pank and inbank have been warmly welcomed by users in Indian conditions. The best thing about account-free casinos (instant casinos) is that money transfers are extremely fast. You can be sure that the account confirmation with the transfer of funds can only take place in a matter of seconds should there be any unexpected delays. Looking at the longer timeline, you can clearly see a very large and innovative development in the field of online casinos and banking. In the early days, users sometimes had to wait a full working day for their user to be successfully verified and identified. One of the important reasons why Trustly has become the preferred option in the field of instant casinos lies in the operation of the platform freely charging additional fees. This is why the payment platform can be used more freely to identify instant casino accounts, as it does not cost anything extra for the transfer maker.

If you are going to make a user with Trustly in an account-free casino or deposit with a regular casino, you need to choose your bank first to make a deposit. To start depositing, after clicking on the logo of your home bank, you must log in with the details of your bank account. Depending on the specifics of the login of a particular bank and the preferences specified by the user, it is necessary to use the services of an ID-Card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. In some banks, there may still be a variant of the PIN calculator, which has slowly become out of use. Once you have confirmed the amount of your deposit at the bank, the next thing you need to do is head back to the online casino. You should soon see that the desired amount has been transferred and, in the case of instant casinos, the creation of the user has also been confirmed. Of course, there is a tiny minus here: you cannot start playing in instant casinos without making the first deposit. However, it should be borne in mind that the idea of account-free casinos is based on allowing users to start playing as soon as possible. However, from the point of view of the pros, there is a very liberal payout policy. As a user, there is no problem making money transactions in tens of thousands of euros. Trustly therefore offers a much freer way of making payments compared to other methods. Although transactions are made through Trustly and the source of the money is indicated in the bank statement Trustly, it is worth considering that the name of the online casino is usually included in the explanation. Thus, using Trustly does not mean that it guarantees complete anonymity in account statements. Sometimes, even with Trustly fast transfers, some delays can occur. These may not be due directly to the payment platform itself, but rather to delays caused by a high-speed casino or a banking company. If it takes a particularly long time to transfer money, then it is worth contacting the casino helpdesk. They may have a better understanding of the situation associated with the transfer of funds.

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Due to account-free casinos, the Trustly payment platform is mainly associated with making deposits. But besides this, you can also successfully make withdrawals from your online casino financial account directly to your home bank through Trustly. Again, also in the execution of payouts, Trustly agile speed plays an important role. But in addition to speed, casino players are pleased by the High Security rate. As a player, you can be sure that the withdrawals will reach your bank account beautifully and that important data will not fall into the wrong hands during this operation. The minimum possible withdrawal is 20 euros, and the largest withdrawal to the account can amount to up to a million euros. This is an unprecedented game. For the most part, payments are made on a much smaller scale. It is important to keep in mind that online casinos can limit the amount of payments themselves. Even if Trustly theoretically supports a very large range, a significant part of the online casinos operating in India prevent larger payouts. Usually, the total payment is rescheduled into smaller parts and the first step is to determine whether there is a full legal basis for the payment. The last rule is in place mainly to prevent money laundering. Trustly Seb withdrawals: Swedish SEB Bank is completely among the Trustly Bank options in India. SEB offers quick transfers from your online casino account directly to your personal bank account. Trustly Swedbank withdrawals: Swedbank is one of Trustly’s most important banking channels, as large sums of money move through this company. Trustly offers a higher upper payout limit compared to the standard payment link. Trustly LHV withdrawals: LHV is less often represented with payment links in online casinos compared to Swedish banks, so it is positive that Trustly will cover this bank.

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