Collective investment in the modern “Neo-Cities” construction: Expert Commentary from Ruslan Sukhiy, founder of RENTAVED


The trend of collective investment in construction and infrastructure is becoming more and more popular in the world practice. This financial instrument offers decision-makers an opportunity to make solid investments in cost-effective projects. 

It stands to mention that the modern approach to property development has outdated. It is not enough to come up with an excellent residential building with a good architectural design. People want to live in a psychologically and physically comfortable environment where they could fully realize their potential. 

In order to keep up with the times and needs of people, the full cycle development and investment company, RENTAVED, plans to implement a progressive “Neo-City” project, which implies building of the network of cities throughout the world. RENTAVED specializes in attraction of collective investments in various construction projects and has already entered the record books. 

“In fact, people have to choose between two options: to live in the whereabouts of a business center not to waste time commuting or to reside in an ecological location on the outskirts of the city. We offer not to choose, but to combine a quiet environmentally friendly accommodation with the possibility to quickly and comfortably reach the job location,” the founder of RENTAVED, Ruslan Sukhiy, explains the focus of the project. “It fits into the concept of a 15-minute town where a person is able to satisfy his wants at a walking distance: studies, job and a so-called third place where people can feel at ease to gather and spend time together.” 

RENTAVED is going to carry out its projects near global large cities (Neo-Dubai, Neo-London, Neo-Paris, Neo-Barcelona, etc.) with the option to reach quickly their center by modern means of transport, including a magnetic cushion train. 

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Modern “Neo-Cities” are certain areas which can be closed and remain autonomous in the event of emergency. Although earlier, the current security mechanisms against fires, floods, global warming, and civil unrest might have been enough, their functioning today in the face of recently appeared pandemic and threat of starvation is under question. Thus, the strategy of “Neo-City” project includes the possibility of producing food and water in a new city in order to autonomously provide itself with the necessities of life. 

“Neo-City” is a City equipped with everything that a modern person needs to live, grow and develop in; it is a place, where one can freely communicate, engage in self-realization, have online and offline workspaces and diverse infrastructure. The main function of any city is to unite its citizens for creation of a better future for themselves and the whole humanity. And the “ideal city” must give its residents this opportunity. At the same time, it does not have to be large, on the contrary, Neo-City is compact, cozy and humane.   

The concept of an ideal Neo-City redefines and dramatically transforms all existing  investments in development projects and business models in all fields, including energetics, electricity, waste management, as well as conveyance of persons and goods transfer.

In Neo-Cities, the latest technologies and data are used to take helpful decision and provide the best solutions for their citizens by changing character and formation of traditional infrastructure.  Unused assets of the infrastructure turn into reasonable investment for income growth, costs reduction and risks mitigation.  

Ruslan Sukhiy notes that a new network of cities will be implemented in the Metaverse enabling investors and citizens to manage their property, generate income with cryptocurrencies, NFT and other state-of-the-art technologies. 

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RENTAVED describes itself as a partner for those who want to invest in the city development.  In general, the participation in the strategy of collective investment is beneficial for a number of reasons. 

  • Potential for increased returns: a recent study found that collective investments have almost the same average expected return as direct deals without any collective investment opportunities.
  • Attractive Economics: our estimates show that incorporating collective investments into a diversified development program results in significant fee savings.
  • Proactive sourcing of suppliers: successful co-investors focus on projects with attractive fundamentals and do not try to guess the market. The expertise to implement operational improvements that drive revenue growth is critical.
  • Specialized underwriting: collective investments require specialized resources and expertise. Therefore, it is often more beneficial for investors to outsource these areas to collective investment managers. 

As opposed to developers who sell square meters with their added value cost to investors, RENTAVED suggests earning together on the growth of real estate cost during the construction period. It buys land using investors’ money, sells the completed property and returns the income from the project to them less their remuneration. It is a real breakthrough in the world of construction and development! If earlier developers received investment in banks, now they are able to realize large-scale profitable projects at the expense of collective investments.

This new kind of investment requires deep market penetration and long-term relationships with leading developers with a focus on providing operational services. Collective investments are a valuable tool allowing investors to improve portfolio performance through lower costs, faster deployment and earlier redemption of capital.

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