How You Could Save A Fortune By Quitting The Booze In 2023

For many of us at present, we’re going through our finances with a fine tooth comb, examining where we can make savings as the cost of living crisis bites hard. We’ve resorted to giving up the finer things in life, selling second cars, making do with our old coats, and even, in many cases, sacrifices how much is put on the table for ourselves in order to feed loved ones.

Alcohol is one thing that could well need sacrificing from your own household, and, of course depending on how much you drink, you really could save a fortune, both in the short and long term!

Alcohol isn’t cheap!

Whether you’re purchasing from a supermarket or going out to bars and restaurants, the cost of alcohol is rising and it’s hitting our pockets hard, largely due to the rise in costs of and taxation in producing and selling it. Even just a pint of beer per week makes for a pretty penny come the end of the year. 

When that becomes two, three, four or more pints per week you would be making a huge saving by giving up, which can be put towards things such as bills and household necessities.

The long term health problems

While short term you may be spending a small fortune on booze, longer term it’s going to affect your finances without you actually realising. Think about the days you may have taken off work with a hangover, and the impact alcohol can have on overall health. It can lead to cancer, heart problems and addiction, with alcohol rehab cost also expensive, as it requires extensive treatment.

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The long term health problems of drinking alcohol rehab can lead to medical costs, loss of work, as well as causing social and relationship problems, all of which can hit the pursestrings hard.

Everything around alcohol

You will make savings just through not paying for alcohol, but there’s also a larger impact too. Think about when you go out to bars and everything else that you pay for around it. There will likely be taxi fares, takeaways and plenty of other stuff too.

Those costs can be largely erased too by quitting alcohol in 2023.

It may not be easy, in fact, for many it isn’t, but the financial rewards can be quite astronomical in some cases, and not only leave you feeling better in terms of your health, but your wallet too!

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