Mortgage for Anyone: How Alex Shekhtman, the CEO of LBC Mortgage, Solves Mortgage Puzzles


The mortgage market has always been hot. However, it has become even more competitive, considering the ramped-up demand and scarce offers in the post-pandemic period. Given that, it’s a serious challenge for newcomers to find a property — even for those with huge stable salaries and flawless credit histories, let alone with little registered income or savings. 

Alex Shekhtman made it his mission to help such people get a mortgage loan and buy their dream houses. Eventually, this made his mortgage company, LBC Mortgage, take a leading position in a competitive LA market. Here’s the story behind such a tremendous success.

Fear Is Only in Your Mind

Alex Shekhtman has been in the mortgage business for 20+ years to date. First, he was a mere employee who was fascinated by the industry but not satisfied with corporate politics. He wanted customers to enjoy high-quality service, quickly get mortgage loans that were right for them, and get honest answers and advice. Those are the basic principles of LBC Mortgage, which was founded in Los Angeles right before the fatal financial crisis began. 

Before the crisis, the company managed to develop and gain some local praise. Through word-of-mouth marketing, their client base evolved from friends and relatives to those who sought mortgage loans at affordable rates without hassle and stress. Alex is sure that such an approach was the reason that the small mortgage company stayed afloat during 2008’s financial recession when even huge banks went out of business. 

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That’s when Alex realized the meaning of the quote, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” After that, the team started to focus on complicated cases, which today make up more than 50% of all successful deals.

The Chinese word for “crisis” means “dangerous opportunity.” Mr. Shekhtman has proven the opportunity part, showing that a crisis helped his company stand out from the competition and become a top service provider in the niche. 

How Does the Client-Centric Approach Work?

If we are to speak in figures, LBC Mortgage has made thousands of successful transactions and currently working in 5 states: California, Florida, Texas, Washington, and North Carolina. And two more states are to be welcomed soon. Now, they can help almost anybody get a mortgage loan with affordable terms — even people who are self-employed, have little savings, don’t have a down payment, or have a poor credit history.

Here’s how they help people with complicated financial situations get mortgage loans:

  • A wide variety of financial services. Unlike other mortgage companies that just help clients get loans, Alex and his team helps people to achieve their objectives with a variety of financial solutions, tailored specifically for each client.
  • A chance for everyone. While banks have a single offer, LBC Mortgage partners with 60+ banks, allowing their clients to access all their offers. This increases the chance of finding the right deal.
  • Fast delivery. The necessary documentation for your mortgage loan pre-approval can be prepared in less than 1 hour. 
  • Advising over selling. Alex and his team prefer to tell the straight truth rather than overpromise. The company promotes integrity and honesty over personal gain.
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