What is CIF Number ? How to find Your CIF Number ?

What is CIF Number

The Term CIF Stands for Customer Information File. The CIF Number Holds all the Valuable information about Your Bank Account. People often Get Confused about What is CIF Number, I hope this Information Clears Your Doubt about CIF Number Full form. 

CIF is an 11-Digit Unique Number Which Provides all the information about Customer to Bank. It Contains Information Related to Account, Customer Personal Detail, Loan, Transactions Etc. 

To Avoid any Confusion and Fraud Activity, Your Bank Uses CIF Number to Decode Everything about Your Bank Account. CIF Number also Helps to Increase Customer Relationship Value. The financial institute uses this Data to Decide how Much Credit can be Given to You. This was the CIF Number Meaning, Now Let’s know how to find CIF number. 

How to find CIF number? 

There are Many Ways to Find Your CIF Number. You can Find Your CIF Number Both online and offline. Check out the Method Below to Know More about “how to Find CIF Number”

1. Bank Passbook 

A passbook is a Paper copy of all Your Account Transactions. You can Find Your CIF Number Printed on the Top of Passbook. So If you don’t have access to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, You can Always Check Your Passbook to Find Your CIF Number. 

2. Internet Banking 

Internet Banking is one of the Easiest Way to Find Your CIF Number. If You have access to Internet Banking then you can Follow the Steps Below to Find Your CIF Number. 

  • Visit Your Banks Internet Banking Login Portal ( In My case I am using SBI Net Banking )
  • Login to Your Account Using the Net Banking Credentials. 
  • On your Account Summary Page, You have to click on “View Nomination and PAN details”
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how to find CIF Number in SBI

  • Now You Can See Your CIF Number on the Screen. 

how to find CIF Number in SBI

This is How You Can Easily Find Your CIF Number from Internet Banking. Make sure to Note down this Number for Further Use. I Hope This Clears You More about “what is CIF Number” and How to find CIF Number in SBI. 

3. Visiting Your Home Branch 

Visit Your Home Branch is Always a Good option to Find Your CIF Number. If You don’t have a Passbook or Internet Banking Access, You can Visit Your Branch and Ask the Bank Executive about Your CIF Number. 

Also, Submit a Letter to Bank Requesting a New Passbook so That Next time You don’t have to go to Bank to find Your CIF Number.

In Conclusion  

The CIF Number Format can vary from Bank to Bank But Generally, the CIF Number is a Unique 11-Digit Number. We Hope in this Article we have Cleared all your Queries related to “what is CIF Number” & “how to find CIF Number”. 

Make Sure You follow all the Steps in Internet banking carefully to find your CIF Number in SBI. If You have any questions related to What is CIF number, then Feel free to share with us in the comments below and We will get back to You Soon.  Click Here to Know Your Bank IFSC Code 

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