What is lien amount in SBI ?

lien amount in SBI

If You have an account with SBI, then You must have heard about this Term lien amount in SBI. Do You Know What is Lien Amount? Why SBI showing Lien Mark on Your Account? In this particular article, we are Going to Discuss Everything about the lien amount in sbi. 

In simple terms, Your Banks Puts a Lock on a Particular amount on Your Account that is Known as a Lien amount. After the amount in Your Bank account is Frozen, You can Not Withdrawl that amount till SBI Removes that Lock. 

Irrespective of whatever the Reason for Lein Amount in SBI Account, You should Always be Aware of these Terms and Contact Your Bank to Know the Reason. 

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Why SBI Puts Lien Mark in Your Bank Account? 

SBI or any other Bank has Complete rights to lock a Particular amount for a particular period. But Remember SBI won’t Put Lien on Your Account without any Valid Reason. Below are some of the Reasons for Your lien amount in sbi. 

  • If You have Failed to Pay Your Credit card Due then Your Bank can Put Lien Amount on Your Account.
  • Bank can Freeze Your Account if You have not Paid the Installment and Interest of any Loan You have Taken.
  • SBI Customers are Requires to Main a Minimum Balance in their Account Balance. If You Fail the Maintain the Minimum Balance Requirement then Bank will Put Lien on You Account. You can know more about Bank Minimum Balance Requirement in this Article Here. 
  • Sometimes You will Notice a Lien amount on Your Account without any Valid Reason. That can be a Fault of Banks Software, You can contact Your Branch for Further Assistance.
  • Locker Rent Dues can also be a Reason for lien amount in SBI Account. 
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Make sure You are Paying all Your Taxes on time to avoid any case of lien amount in SBI. If Your Bank Notices any forbidden Activities on Your Account then They can Freeze Your Bank Account Till Further Notice. 

How to Remove Lien Mark on Your SBI Bank Account? 

Your Bank has Marked Your Account as Lien, now You want to Remove that Mark from account But How? Settle the Liabilities, That’s the only way you can Remove the Lien Mark from Your Bank Account. 

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Sometimes Your Creditor files Legal Paperwork with Your Bank to Freeze Your Bank Account. In such a case first Discover who ordered the Lien and Then Replay all Your Credit. You can also contact Your Home Branch or SBI Customer care to Know More about what is Lien amount.

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In Conclusion 

This is How You Can Remove Your lien amount in SBI. We Hope this Article Clarifies all Your Queries related to what is Lien amount and Lien amount in SBI. If You have any questions related to Lien Amount then Feel Free to share with us in the Mail. 


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