A Legal Guide to Sports Betting in Georgia

The sports betting market was valued at over $76 billion last year and there’s no sign it’ll stop growing.

Many places are starting to welcome sports betting as a legitimate form of entertainment and income; however, states like Georgia still restrict their residents. This prevents them from legally earning money and forces them to travel.

Before getting involved in sports betting in Georgia, it’s best to learn about the laws surrounding it. You’ll do just that in this guide that outlines all the main info you need.

Read on to learn more about legal betting in Georgia.

Laws Surrounding Sports Betting in Georgia

Unfortunately, Georgia is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling. Despite many efforts, all forms of gambling remain illegal in Georgia. Because of this, residents must bet elsewhere to avoid breaking the law.

Many Georgia residents travel to nearby states such as Tennessee or use VPNs to access betting sites. When using a VPN for betting sites in Georgia, websites will think you’re in another location and allow you to create accounts.

While legal betting in Georgia currently isn’t possible, many teams and individuals support it. Several bills have also been passed that allow gambling, but they never made it to the House for a final decision. Until things turn around, Georgia residents must use other measures.

How to Start Betting

If you live in Georgia and want to start betting, search for casinos in a nearby state. As mentioned, you can use a VPN to access gambling sites, but we do not recommend this because it is illegal.

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Betting online is straightforward: you must create an account, deposit money, then place a bet.

When visiting another state, you can find sites by searching for a betting-related this online betting the type of sport you want. For example, searching for “NFL betting” will display sites that let you bet on NFL games.

Before depositing money into a site, ensure you read reviews to determine whether it’s reputable. If you see any red flags, look for another site.

Those that gamble at a traditional casino may have fewer sports betting options, but they can take advantage of casino games. When visiting a casino, you can play poker, blackjack, slot machines, and more while also placing bets on sports.

Decide What You’ll Do

Now that you know about the basics of sports betting in Georgia, think about how you will approach sports betting. While sports betting can be an effective way to earn money, you must leave Georgia if you want to do it legally.

Consider going to a place like Tennessee, which is only a few hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. From there or another legal state, you can get the most out of sports betting without running into legal trouble.

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